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The Beast is a reoccurring enemy from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. He appears throughout early campaign as an opportunistic raider who loves killing as he takes whatever he wants. After the world is devastated by meteors he travels the land with his gang of soldiers preying on the last pockets of civilization. What he lacks in tactics he makes up with ruthlessness. He repeatedly clashes with Brenner's Wolves and develops an intense hatred for Brenner and anyone else who doesn't see the world his way.

What little revealed about his past is that he was a sergeant in the Rubinelle military before his brutality got him discharged.

Abilities (Not Playable)

The Beast is strictly a campaign-only CO. He doesn't appear in any other mode even though he has his own picture, character sprites, and theme music.


The Beast is the very first enemy in the campaign the player fights and appears mainly in tutorials. He launches many attacks in his attempt to destroy Brenner and anyone else who gets in his way. This eventually gets him wounded where he is found by Dr. Caulder and turned into an experiment hopped up on drugs and other substances. He launches more attacks, outfitted with new weapons until he becomes a mindless husk. He is left to die by Caulder after outliving his usefulness.

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