Blue baby run

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Maybe spoilers if you haven't beat Isaac yet, just to warn you.

So i wanna get the D6 for Isaac, so im currently trying to do a ???(Blue baby) run. Its so freaking hard, literally start with just spirit hearts, and its annoying me. Anyone got any tips?

My best try was reaching Moms heart, had a book of revelations and a battery (YES) and fetus! (throws bombs as an attack). I had meat boy as well, i threw a bomb, the bomb came back at me and killed me (thanks meat boy :( )

But yeah, tips are welcome


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There's really two ways to do a dead baby run, both involve a lot of luck. One way is to get lucky and find the shovel early on and use it to skip the harder levels. The other, harder way is to use basically the same setup you had in your last run- revelations+Battery+Level Four Meat Boy. I highly recommend NOT using Dr. Fetus, you really need either a fast rate of fire or the technology/brimstone shots. Don't be afraid to make deals with the devil if he has a really nice item up for grabs, too. Wings/The Cross/Rosaries are always good purchases from him or the store. Also, I would only take the Bible if you have max soul hearts/haven't found the Book of Revelations.

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I did it earlier today

Again Book of Revelations, battery, and ALOT, and i mean alot of tinted rocks and spirit hearts drops. By Moms heart i had full spirit hearts, it was insane. Beat satan as well because of that, and your right, its definitely luck really.

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@Sayishere: Good on you! Now get out there and 100% it!

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Just had my first run through with blue baby and i made it all the way to mom's heart by the skin of my teeth.
I was getting terrible drops for the first few levels and had a shortage of keys and bombs so item drops were scarce to say the least. Then i managed to find the rosary and got 3 hearts from that and from there every key i got i saved for the shop knowing my chances of finding a bible would increase. I ended up finding a bible on the depths 2 and used it on mom instantly and then made my way all the way to the womb 2 and luckily went in the right direction to find fetus because by time i got there i only had 1 heart left and then used the bible again and breathed a sigh of relief only to see a fuckin trap door instead of a treasure chest...smh. 
First room i stepped into there was a white eyeball in the center of the room SURROUNDED BY 4 ROCKS meaning i could only hit it on the diagonal which i'm horrible at and 4 other enemies i can't remember since all i remember is the eyeball annihilating the shit out of me. 
Unlocked D6 tho lol
Bought this game the other day and it's my first experience with steam as well. Gotta love the random nature to this game. Sometimes the odds are really stacked against you but  sometimes there are really heavy swings that knock it back in your favor. 
I know this game is heavily inspired by Zelda which for me is weird because I HATE Zelda but i love Isaac :)

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Blue Baby was who I got Mama's Boy with. I remember that run the most, I had on my dancing shoes for sure. Probably my best performance dodging wise!

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The only advice is 'try try again'. You literally get better with practice. First it seemed hard as fuck with Isaac, then it seemed hard as fuck with every other character, and then impossible as fuck with ???. However, 150 hours in I've killed Mom (and the second version, and Satan) with everyone. Think of it as learning a very specific instrument... that you'll never play for an audience and is in effect a worthless skill to cultivate.

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