I feel like something clicked finally.

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I bought The Binding of Isaac near its release played it for a little bit and kinda dismissed it as being too hard. Recently I decided to give it another chance and for whatever reason I'm more patient towards it and am having more fun with it. I have no idea what happened but man is this game a good one. Anyone else change their opinion about the game? From initially being frustrated by it and later really liking it.

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The game can be brutal if it decides to give you awful upgrades. Some playthroughs are a cakewalk; others, absolute hell. Did you pick up the DLC? I haven't touched the game since Christmas but the DLC is tempting me.

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Know how you feel man, at first I was like meh controls are weird ended up only playing like 10 mins then went back to it like a month back and sank about an hour into it without noticing.

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@ds8k I did but I'm still trying to play through the game once. So I haven't really noticed.
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@ds8k: it's pretty good. If you didn't like Isaac the first time, it won't change your mind, but if you did, then it's more of that. More enemies, more items, more combos, more challenges, more stuff all around. It's well worth the 2 bucks.

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I really, really wish they added achievements to the DLC, but I'll get it either way once Diablo 3 fatigue sets in.

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@Cincaid said:

I really, really wish they added achievements to the DLC, but I'll get it either way once Diablo 3 fatigue sets in.

they did...
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Binding of Isaac can certainly be frustrating, and I also had a moment where it clicked for me after not liking it for a while. It can be brutal if you're really unlucky, of course skill can make up for bad luck to a certain point, but it can't always save the day for you.

The DLC is great, it adds quite a lot of things so I think it's worth it.

Though I do wish we could get an XBLA release for it, the game almost seems like it was designed around a controller...

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@Cincaid: yeah, they have DLC achievements

@Village_Guy: the fact that it's only 4-way shooting, the controller wouldn't add a lot to it. Keyboard works fine.

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@BeachThunder: @Winternet:

Oh, lol. Don't think it had any when it was released? Either way, great news! :P

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@Winternet: You're right, I didn't think about that. Unless they give full 360 degrees shooting, then it should stay on the PC.

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@Cincaid said:

@BeachThunder: @Winternet:

Oh, lol. Don't think it had any when it was released? Either way, great news! :P

It didn't; it took a few days, I think, for them to get updated. Also, the game doesn't have in-game pop-ups anymore when you get an achievement, for some reason =/
@Village_Guy: Well, the game is very much centered around the idea of 4 way shooting (curving tears when you move and shoot); it would pretty much mess up the game's balance if they changed it. If you really wanted you could try using Joytokey (as the game suggests), or using the mouse to aim/shoot.
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I reviewed the DLC and it is absolutely worth picking up.

I HATED this game when I first got it, but after forcing myself to play it to "get my money's worth" something clicked and I fell completely in love. It takes tons of elements from other games and then makes something totally unique out of it, which I love.

Though it does suck to have that totally crappy run. The DLC seems to fix this by adding more passive vs active items, though.

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The game can be massively difficult if you jump in to it cold-turkey. Once you learn the patterns of enemies, what a majority of the items do and what to expect out of the different floor and boss variables you should start doing much better. By that time you will also have gotten used to the controls and your dodging and accuracy should be doing better.

Until then, you definitely need to be patient.

Good luck everyone!!

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I played it for a couple of hours when it first came out, but frankly I just found it to be too hard. Though slowly but sure, I have managed to ge the hang of it, and now I've put 80 or so hours into it. It has become my game to sit down and pump some time into while listening to podcasts, since it doesn't have any story. The Wrath of the Lamb DLC is great as well.

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You stopped sucking, good job.

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I hated the controls at first and didn't play much, but just got the game working with my controlled and enjoying it 100 times more.

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I play this game quite a bit, but I find I only do in bursts. I won't play it for a month until one day when I feel like it one day then marathon it for a week then stop for another month.

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This game is one of most replayable games ever, especially with the new expansion. People who havent tried it really should.

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I really enjoyed it personally, but I'm a huge fan of Edmund's games.

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anyone know if the achievements are still broken in the mac version? i plan on getting the DLC next week and it would be nice to not have to constantly transfer my save to the windows version and back just to unlock some cheevos.

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I can't help but feel the opposite now - after 300+ hours, I really feel like I've had my fill of Binding of Isaac. Maybe I'll come back later and try to get the rest of the Wrath of the Lamb achievements D:


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