I just want you Europeans to know I am jealous

#1 Posted by ZenaxPure (2569 posts) -

Saw this when checking news stuff. BOI heading to retail in Europe and includes: 

  • DRM free version of the game + Steam key
  • Creepy as shit Poster of what I can only imagine is a realistic take on BOI
  • Soundtrack
  • 40 page booklet of some form
  • Awesome box, probably the best part of it all. I want a BOI retail box :(
Seems relativity cheap as well for all that stuff, but I'm just a dumb state side person with no grasp of money outside of his own.  
So anyone going to pick that up? I know I am not the only super fan of BOI on GB... I almost tempted to import it if possible to be entirely honest.
#2 Edited by BeachThunder (12730 posts) -

Amazing. I wonder what's in the 40 page "Devzine".

Also, here's the poster, if you want to see a larger version of it:

#3 Posted by BSw (265 posts) -

That poster is wicked. Not that I would ever want to hang up such a thing in my apartment, though. I'm quite curious to know what's in de devzine as well. I like McMillen's artstyle.

#4 Posted by Funzzo (834 posts) -

I own this on steam already but I am going to buy anyway, if I can somehow get it here in the US. BOI was one of those games that came out of nowhere. I have about 30+ hours into it and I have still not even came close to beating it.

#5 Posted by haffy (674 posts) -

Funny how DRM free is a selling point now. Might of missed it on other games, but it's the first one I've seen advertising it.

#6 Posted by w00ties (186 posts) -

It shouldn't be that difficult to import to North America, should it? I don't own it yet, but it has definitely caught my attention. I may just try to hold off until I can pick up the Unholy Edition.

#7 Posted by Rookwood (34 posts) -

I wish the Terraria version was this good. It's a little lacking with only a poster (not nearly as cool as this one) and a key-chain.

#8 Posted by ShaggE (6928 posts) -

@haffy said:

Funny how DRM free is a selling point now. Might of missed it on other games, but it's the first one I've seen advertising it.

Good Old Games is known for its DRM-free stance. I feel like there's a major release that advertised as DRM-free somewhat recently as well, but I might be misremembering.

Also, that poster is fantastic.

#9 Posted by White_Silhouette (479 posts) -

That poster is creepy and awesome. Also glad to see that they are doing the soundtrack with it. I picked up off steam and really like the music in it.

#10 Posted by BRich (440 posts) -

Binding of Isaac was my favorite game of last year. I want this.

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