love it - hate it

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So I bought Isaac and I loved it, so I bought Wrath, and hated it - too hard for me. But then I couldn't play the vanilla game. I did what all newbs do (right?) I read the forums and searched online for a solution. The only solution I found was to download a pirated version, which I did, and of course I scanned the file with Microsoft Security Essentials first (like all newbs do right?) and then when I ran it my system got jacked with 17 different trojans and viruses, so then I had to re-install windows to get my computer to work again. What a pain.

Could I add just one more request for an "official" way to play the vanilla game that I bought? Is that asking too much?

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Wow yeah that sucks, I bought Issac with the DLC so I never experiencdd vanilla except off of youtube videos. Thats also another reason why you dont pirate games.

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I just got the dlc and know exactly what you mean. I hadn't beaten the game with ??? yet and now it seems impossible. (not that I had much hope before)

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Keep playing and you'll eventually get a good run

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