Started Up a Binding of Isaac Let's Play : )

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I have to say I love this game. I have been playing on and off since the initial release and am overjoyed that we received new content in the Wrath of the Lamb expansion. I started recording some of my game-play lately to try and spread the word about the game and for the entertainment value this game offers. I am not asking for views, likes, subs, etc, but thought I should put a link up on the forums just in case someone that hasn't bought the game or expansion wanted to see some game-play or just enjoyed Let's Plays.

I appreciate all the love and the time you took to take a look at this post! Cheers!


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ok, i've been wondering about this game so i will watch at least the first episode

#3 Posted by HJTenchi (8 posts) -

@buft: Hope you enjoy! A very fun, an accessible rouge-like game with a pop-culture and zelda theme. : )

#4 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

@HJTenchi said:

@buft: Hope you enjoy! A very fun, an accessible rouge-like game with a pop-culture and zelda theme. : )

I actually did enjoy it, very entertaining playthrough, lots of good information that was missing from other things i watched like explaining the basics of the items and some of the strategy involved.

#5 Posted by HJTenchi (8 posts) -

Thank you, Buft! I am glad you enjoyed it. It is a really fun game and goes on sale on Steam pretty often and now with the Wrath of the Lamb expansion, there are even more items, floor variations, bosses, enemies, etc. Lot of fun. Thanks for checking out the channel, too. Much appreciated. : )

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