This game's OST is amazing.

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I have to say it, this is one of the best game soundtracks I have ever heard, and soundtracks are something a value highly in both games and movies.

This tiny little game, not that it is not good, it's just incredible that the music is of such high production value, and it really sells the sombre, sad tone of the game so well.

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It is indeed.

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It's solid, not as good as FTL, Double Dragon Neon, or Hotline Miami, but still solid.

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Team Meat (I know this isn't a Team Meat joint, just one half of it) had really good music in Super Meat Boy as well. DannyB is brilliant. and when the SMB album art looks like this:

How could I not buy it? DannyB is great. Anyone know if he's doing the Mew-genics OST as well? God, I hope so.

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@mariachimacabre: He isn't I'm afraid, although the guys who are doing the soundtrack seem very talented. I have to say I think It's going to be phenomenal. They're a pair of guys that call themselves 'Ridiculon', here's a link to a vid where they discuss the project.

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It's great. Not quite as good as Meat Boy, but it is the kind of music you find yourself humming to fifty hours in without it ever becoming annoying. Always loved Sacrificial, the music from the very first dungeon.

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