Underrated items/combinations?

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I just bought this game earlier this week and i'm loving it. 
Just curious if anyone had any tips for any underrated items and/or combinations. 
Granted most of the drops are out of my control, i usually try to get something like book of revelations/unicorn horn/book of belial and combine it with battery 
But in the sake of being versatile (especially given the randomness of the game) anyone have anyone have any worth while suggestions?
A lot of people suggest  Brimstone but i personally hate it given the charge up time. It really acts as a detriment in your in a room with a tight/poor layout or up against fast moving enemies

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I believe the Whore of Babylon is active as long as you have less than one full red heart, so if you have a hierophant card or balls of steel pill, it may be worth getting your health low then relying on spirit hearts. This also works for ??? aka The Blue Baby as he can not use red hearts. I got WoB immediately earlier and died in Womb 2.

Regarding laser/chocolate milk attacks, I sometimes find it detrimental too, but remember you can charge before entering a room and shoot an instant half charge shot. Also try to maximise arcades/blood donor machines even if it means backtracking to pick up health as an exploding donor machine guarantees a blood bag, and playing fruit machines a lot can give cards/pills/flies.

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Brimstone is great since you can precharge it before going into a new room and unleash it immediately killing anything in the center of the room. This is what helped me unlock all the "Boy" achievements in the game...that and a Gamekid/Unicorn.

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