Unfortunate Item combinations.

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This thread is for those items combinations that you get that are interesting, but just don't work well together. 
I just had a really terrible item combo. Explosive Tears and My Reflection. Basically meant I was filling the screen with green bombs that would never fall to the ground. Made the game impossible, but was kind of funny.

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My reflection is never particularly good.
Also, not exactly something that's a terrible combination, but it seems that there's a lot of redundancy (especially since the DLC). For example, I've stacked 4 items that have given me the ability to fly =/

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@BeachThunder said:

My reflection is never particularly good. 

Pretty much. I wouldn't hate it if it didn't effectively cut your range in half
Mom's knife and tech 2 is completely broken in that the laser has no effect when your using mom's knife.
Ipecac (on it's own) seemed nice at first. Kind of like an alternative to Dr. Fetus but it quickly got annoying
1) the arc is a pain in terms of effectively lining up shots
2) It'll explode in your face if your standing too close to something when you throw it
Figured if i combine it with the ouija board that atleast number 2 wouldn't be an issue anymore. Wrong. For whatever reason ipecac doesn't respond like it should with spectral tears.
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@hbkdx12 said:
Ipecac (on it's own) seemed nice at first.
Honestly, if you're careful, it can be one of the best items in the game (it helps if you also have a familiar that can shoot normally.)
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Yeah. It can be really useful when combined with other items, but I always dread picking it up.

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@BeachThunder: It certainly is powerful but for me personally, having to compensate for the arc is frustrating especially when you have enemies rushing you. 
Plus, because of it's arc, it's probably the one item where if you have either too much range or not enough, you're screwed.
I hate how they nerfed Technology 2. It was strong and it certainly needed nerfing but i don't like the fact that they did it by having it significantly reduce your damage stat. It basically becomes a handicap if your someone like judas or got some damage buffs before hand.

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