Who would have thought I'd log 46 hours into this game?

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And I'm still not done. I just beat the game for the 10th time and am now trying to beat the game with ???. Wow, what a value at 5 bucks.

This game needs to be considered for indie game of the year.

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I'm 127 hours >__________>

It will probably be a lot more after the Halloween update. Definitely my indie game of the year and so far my 3rd favourite game of the year overall.

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Any tips on beating the game with ??? or do you just need to be lucky on item drops pretty much?

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Took me 28 hours to beat the game with ???.

@Gnomicidal said:

Any tips on beating the game with ??? or do you just need to be lucky on item drops pretty much?

If they show up, get the Book of Revelations and/or the Relic at all costs.

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@Gnomicidal: You need to get lucky in terms of getting good upgrades. Getting the nail early helps a ton, and the compass is almost a must for getting to the womb bosses unless you got really luck and are just wrecking everything. Generally I've gotten worse drops with ??? compared to any other characters, I'm sure it's just me getting unlucky but it sure made it harder then it had to be for me. GL

Edit: I should mention you may want to wait for the Halloween update, there is an achievement for finishing the new level(s) with ???(as well as the other characters). If you get decent items/upgrades and finish the womb with ???, I imagine the same build should work as well in the new area. Then you could just get the one decent run and get both potentially, rather then trying to get another good run with ??? after the update.

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:( I actually can't remember what I did on my successful ??? run, but I can show you the items that I finished the game with:

So, basically, it does look like I got lucky and found a bible.

A general tip about finding bibles is try to pick up the rosary and/or other holy type items, that will increase the chance of a bible being available.


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I've logged 27 hours and i've only just beat the game, thank god for maximum tears and 1ups.

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Is the Halloween update actually gonna be on Halloween, then?

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@cstrang: Edmund McMillen tweet'd it will be up Oct.31, so let's hope there are no hitches.

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