Wrath of the Lamb expansion announced

#1 Posted by sawtooth (520 posts) -

Just read about this expansion that is on the way. Not a lot of details, but I'm looking forward to it.

My favorite downloadable game of the year.

#2 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5094 posts) -

I'll probably buy this even though I still can't beat Mom.

#3 Posted by White_Silhouette (487 posts) -

Cool I suck at this game but I can't stop playing it.

#4 Posted by BisonHero (8259 posts) -

There is a picture as well:


New floor type. New item slot in the upper left.

Also, Joystiq incorrectly reported (or very misleadingly phrased) how many new items will be in the expansion. They said: "[The expansion] will apparently feature a whole mess of new items (over 205), including something called 'trinkets' that will passively buff your character."

But McMillen's Twitter says: "Fun fact: the isaac mega expansion will raise the item total to over 185 items (205 if you count trinkets)"

Reading comprehension, Joystiq. If the new expansion were adding 205 new items, that would be more than double the current item content in the game.

#5 Posted by Phoenix778m (297 posts) -

Psyched to obtain a new psychosis!

#6 Posted by Tordah (2552 posts) -

Awesome, looking forward to this!

#7 Posted by BeachThunder (13067 posts) -

Yes please. Or maybe no thanks; I have already spend an ungodly amount of time playing this game O__o

#8 Posted by AlisterCat (6094 posts) -

I actually hope they charge for this. The game is so crazy cheap as it is, I'd like to support them further.

#9 Posted by BeachThunder (13067 posts) -

@AlisterCat said:

I actually hope they charge for this. The game is so crazy cheap as it is, I'd like to support them further.


#10 Posted by Winternet (8234 posts) -

I'm all for more Isaac.

#11 Posted by bwheeeler (658 posts) -

I wish he had announced it closer to release. Now I feel like I should just stop playing so I don't burn out before the expansion.

#12 Posted by DeF (5209 posts) -

all I really want is an official patch to add gamepad support ... can't get it to work with joy2key

#13 Posted by Sayishere (1852 posts) -

Buying this on release, i wanna donate money to them so they keep adding content to this game :). This is my new goto game when i got like 10 mins spare.

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