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It's Ugly But You'll Want to See It All 2

The Binding of Isaac has at least three hooks: its unique gameplay, its procedural generation which encourages repeated playthroughs, and its very distinctive aesthetic with a sinister sense of humour. Altogether it makes an astonishing package, which everybody should give a go for the laughably low price that is being asked. It's not perfect, but it has serious staying power, and provides a memorable experience, making this small downloadable best-in-class. You take control of Isaac, a small bo...

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Disgusting isn't enough 0

The Binding of Isaac is the latest game from Edmund McMillen (the mind behind Super Meat Boy). It’s a strange Zelda/Roguelike hybrid with a distinctive, cartoonishly gruesome visual style. The setup, in concept, is disturbing and something right up my alley, and could have very well been a disturbing pyshcological trip through the mind of an abused child. Then I learned the game had been made start to finish in 4 months. And that it was 5 dollars. And I realized what the hell a roguelike actuall...

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A Game of Strange and Creative Fun 1

The game's Biblical references are a nice touch.The Binding of Isaac is a downloadable rogue-like from the minds of programmer Florian Himsl, and the artist and designer behind the acclaimed Super Meat Boy, Edmund McMillen. Bearing McMillen’s trademark twisted art and narrative, the game acts as a loose and bastardised retelling of the Bible story of the same name. In its opening we are introduced to Isaac, a young boy who lives with an abusive mother obsessed with Christian TV programmes. Under...

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Creepy, Fun, Frustrating, and Surprisingly Addictive 0

The Binding of Isaac is the latest creation of Edmund McMillen, the half of Team Meat primarily responsible for the art of Super Meat Boy, a connection that shows through the Isaac's art style. However beyond the visuals and music, the game bears little resemblance to the platforming gem. Instead, it draws influences from roguelike procedurally generated dungeon crawlers, twitch four-directional shooters like Smash TV, and the grids and secrets of the original Legend of Zelda dungeons.The game o...

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Halloween 2014 review 0

The best $5 you will ever spend on a video game.Wander naked as a deformed boy shooting tears at slabs of meat in his mom's uterus, and cry on her heart until it explodes.The Binding of Isaac is a game with deceptively simple mechanics, that sucks you in with its soundtrack and graphics, You'll want to play this indie gem over and over again. It's imaginative and utterly absorbing. If you enjoy games with non-optional permadeath, randomized content, tons of secrets and considerable replay value&...

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The Binding of Isaac 0

Somehow I've managed to log 80 hours of game play into this game. This rogue-like dungeon crawler gives you control of Isaac and company as they make their way through the basement to fight Mom. Each completed run takes about an hour, faster if you're skilled and lucky, which isn't a terrible time sink.Graphically this game runs off flash and the style is unique bordering on grotesque as there is a lot of blood, urine, fecal, and other similarly horrifying images. Despite the gore, there is a li...

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Bringing rogue-like Back 0

Bringing rogue-like style gameplay back to fruition, The Binding of Isaac brings this tried and true RPG formula to an accessible format. With the title referencing the popular biblical story, this game features dark humor, religious references, and familiar gameplay mechanics. The Binding of Isaac has much to live up to after the developer’s success with Super Meat Boy, and it’s very safe to say that they succeeded.The story is kept to a simple intro. You play as Isaac, a carefree kid living a ...

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A.B.C. : Always Be Crying 0

Title screen. No funny caption, maybe next time alrightSo, late last year - around the time of that Mayan calendar explosion thing - I’m looking though the ever-tempting Steam sale and catch sight of ‘The Binding of Isaac’ going for a mere £1.99. I sort of remembered seeing some of this game upon its release, but for some reason my 2011-self was all “This probably isn’t for me”, despite the fact thatA. The game was going for like, 3 shillings or some shit, andB. The game was co-created by one of...

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SPM: Binding of Isaac 0

Edmund McMillen's latest creation is as beautiful as it is uglyThe Binding of Isaac.Based on the biblical story, The Binding of Isaac is a randomly generated, twin-stick shooter/dungeon crawler with obvious influences to the original Legend of Zelda. But this game is anything but a homage to the classics, as The Binding of Issac follows up Edmund McMillen's wonderful visual style seen in Super Meat Boy and adds several layers of depth and darkness.The game tells the story of Isaac's mother, who ...

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Binding of Isaac Review 0

The Binding of Isaac has put me in a decision loop I have never found myself in. Its game play is a wonderful mixture of rogue-like and Zelda that wholly satisfies my old-school gaming sensibilities. On the other hand, the themes and symbolism in the game genuinely makes me feel uncomfortable. I cannot decide whether to play it again.During play I’m in heaven, while poor Isaac is wading his way through hell. The Zelda style dungeon, controls, and gameplay work perfectly; but the addition of the ...

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Review: The Binding of Isaac 0

At a glance, there are a lot of very familiar aspects to The Binding of Isaac. You may have been drawn in by the original Zelda dungeon style, the RPG shooter mechanics or an art style in the same vein as indie game hit Super Meat Boy. All of these aspects have been combined by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl to create a highly addictive experience.The game is set upon a simple, yet incredibly dark premise. You play as Isaac; a young boy stripped of his possessions and forced to flee into the ...

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