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Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 3 is a puzzle/platforming game developed by Kemco and published by Nintendo (United States and European versions) and Kotobuki Systems (Japanese version) for the Game Boy Color platform.


A screen from the opening story.

Bugs Bunny finds an old book inside of an antique shop which contains information about a lost treasure.

Bugs decides he is going to set out to get the treasure of the old castle. a witch named Witch Hazel casts a spell on the other Looney Tunes to try and stop Bugs from achieving his goal.


One of the many stages in Crazy Castle 3

The goal of each stage in Crazy Castle 3 is to collect all of the keys and then exit through the locked door. There are several enemy characters, that if touched will result in a lost life. There are also several power ups that can be obtained to help complete each level.

When a new game is started the player will have 3 lives with 4 continues. Once all of these have been used up it will be game over. Crazy Castle 3 utilizes a password save system.


  • A Button - Pressing the A button will either use the current power up or will activate a switch.
  • B Button - Pressing the B button will just do the same actions as pressing the A button.
  • Start Button - Pressing the start button will pause the game, or if the game is already paused it will un-pause it.
  • D-Pad - Pressing the D-Pad left or right will move the character in that direction while moving the D-Pad up or down will climb or descent ladders.

Other Appearances

Music from this game can be heard in one scene from the movie 500 Days of Summer. We never actually see the Game Boy that the actor is holding below frame, but the soundtrack is clearly Crazy Castle.

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