Wait, So is This Game Like Mass Effect?

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It sure seems like it from the QL. Hub where you choose your destinations, party members, dialogue trees. Hell, the actually combat is straight up ripped from mass effect. So, am I right in this assessment, and does that make it a better game than I initially thought it would be??? Even if it isn't, I'll probably pick it up (eventually; probably in the bargain bin) out of curiosity

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I'm only 3 hours in but my take on it so far is that it's like a low rent Mass Effect, at best ( i didn't like Mass Effect so take that as you may ). One thing that Mass Effect does well is establishing the characters you roll with, giving them backstory so you'd actually care about them if they died, this game doesn't do that at all. You just recruit ( Generate at will ) a collection of random "back -up dudes" and there doesn't even seem to be a resource associated with recruitment, so it's a completely pointless mechanic.

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It is Mass Effect-ish, but it does not actually play exactly like Mass Effect. From my five hours thus far into the game, I would says its a great combination of Enemy Unknown mashed into Mass Effect style gameplay. So if you liked both of those games, you should like this one. I am having a blast.

I think the game is fantastic. I am playing on the PS3 and I am not having any of the frame rate issues they had in the quick look.

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They can't develop the squad members, because of X-COM's hallmark permadeath. I'm sure having a well developed character die would mean a whole lot more than a randomly generated mook, but if you were playing poorly, eventually you'd just be playing with random dudes anyway.

Less "like mass effect" and more like mass effect 3 multiplayer. Which is why its a damn shame this game has no co-op.

But I think the big draw for me, is the fact that it's X-COM. Lot of backstory for the strategy game in here.

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It plays kind of like Mass Effect, but it's definitely not the same. Squad members aren't really developed at all. They are like Squad members from XCOM where you can customize how they look, and even name them yourself if you want. Any attachment you have for them will be because of the time you spent playing with them and ordering them around. There is also much more of an emphasis on ordering your squad around then Mass Effect has. While in Mass Effect you usually just bring up the combat wheel and select what ability to use, in The Bureau you'll want to position your squad a lot more to flank enemies or set up ambushes and then force the enemy out of cover.

Just because the squadmates don't have much personality doesn't mean you won't become attached to them. They still have names, level up how you choose and you'll feel like you have a shared experience with them. It's very similar to XCOM:EU in that regard.

The game definitely has it's issues, but if you do enjoy some squad based tactics mixed in with your shooting then check it out.

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It seemed very reminiscent from the quick look. I don't think that's a bad thing though.

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