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2.67 stars 2.67/5 Stars Average score of 3 user reviews spread across 10 releases and 7 DLC

A huge disappointment for fans of both the XCOM series weakly held up by some sub-par combat 0

Whenever a game’s development cycle is so lengthy that the original game gets completely scrapped, it’s safe to assume that the game won’t bust any sales charts. Unfortunately, the Bureau: XCOM Declassified isn't an exception to this rule and I think it’s fair to say that the troublesome development is what ruined this potentially good game. The Bureau plays around with some interesting ideas but fails to successfully execute them, making it a pretty huge disappointment for fans of the XCOM ser...

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That The Bureau is as enjoyable as it is despite its troubled development is a triumph, but muddled ideas clog it up 0

The feeling is that The Bureau: XCOM Declassified doesn’t quite know what it wants to be. It began development as a first person shooter, 2K seemingly choosing the most popular genre of the time to try and revive their strategic alien sci-fi series with a contemporary hook. Before long, however, that idea was scrapped and The Bureau became a cover-based third person shooter before eventually adopting a tactical focus after the success and popularity of Firaxis’ excellent turn-based strategy game...

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A Fun Tactical Shooter Lost In the Shadow of it's Better Big Brother. 0

In many ways, I still want the XCOM FPS that was annoucned way back in 2010. I thought the 1950s setting combined with the horrific alien blobs that apparently killed people by forcing themselves down their victims throats, essentially drowning them, and the shape-shifting geometric space ships combined into what looked like a very interesting game.You probably don't remember the trailer...or if you do, you probably remember the Internet rage that came out around it as gamers rioted at the idea ...

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