Help with section, possible game breaking bug?

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I'm playing with the Scientist, Hillbilly, and Knight.

I've gotten to a point where I'm on an island and have pushed a boat across the island. There's another man on the island that refuses to get off the boat so I have to get him off some way so I can get all three characters on the boat and off the island. He's very clearly hinting that he forgot something and he did in fact forget his dog. But because apparently the characters cannot talk, I have to puzzle game.

I found a femur to get the dog barking but the dude won't hear the bark... Any help? I also dropped the femur up under the boat and can't seem to get it out... Seems...Bad?

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There is a parrot on the topside of the island to the left of the area where the man lives. Grab the box of crackers near the boat and use them to get the parrot to sit on your shoulder. Drop the bone near the dog and the parrot will mimic the dog's bark. Walk back to the boat with the parrot and the man will run off to fetch his dog.

Hope this helps.

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you do need the femur to complete the puzzle... as for how to complete it... maybe if you had something that could mimic the sounds of the dog barking... which would require something else you can find on the island

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