Help with time traveler (spoilers)

#1 Posted by Wuddel (2100 posts) -

So I am stuck in the time travelers section. I killed the dinosaur. But now I am worried that I did not take the bucket with me (from the mine cart section) to get the oil. Can I still finish. Got time traveler, adventurer and scientist.

#2 Posted by Meepasaurus (223 posts) -

You don't need the old bucket to finish this section. The design of one of the puzzles here has been throwing a lot of people off. You probably have the right solution in mind, but you need to still be holding onto the object when you switch characters. Hopefully that's enough of a hint!

#3 Posted by DocPorpoise (116 posts) -

i got stuck here too, i think Patrick did as well here's what you have to do:;

go to the section with the rolling boulder (in the past) there's water dripping on in it. push it to the right and make sure the character is still gripping it when you switch to another character in the present. there should be a well there now. if there is when you go to the future there will be a bucket in the museum that you can use.
#4 Posted by Kidavenger (3628 posts) -

I just finished the game, this was the only part I got stuck on, I knew what I needed to do, just didn't get that one stupid catch.

#5 Posted by Saethir (352 posts) -

Haha, yeah I was stuck in the same exact spot for a bit, not realizing that you had to switch while still holding on.

#6 Posted by Wuddel (2100 posts) -

Oh got thanks guys I was trying to get rocks to the round boulder or something like that. Thats really offputting way to solve it.

#7 Posted by Kerned (1169 posts) -

Holy shit, fuck that. I tried that solution, more or less, but I just had the other character standing in front of the boulder to block it, rather than actually be in the "move" animation. What shit design.

#8 Posted by Bravestar (382 posts) -

I did the right thing first(characters were doing it, but I wasn't holding the button) and it didn't work. I spent like an hour running around looking for an alternative solution and then went online to see what to do.

@Kerned said:

What shit design.


#9 Posted by BeachThunder (12410 posts) -

Ah, for some reason, I kept the bucket with me, so the boulder area really confused me. I was actually thinking that the game would spawn another bucket if you didn't take one with you...I guess I was wrong...

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