Knight level: "Broke" the game and my enjoyment with it

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So I started this today, with the monk, knight and time-traveler:

Came to the knight level, had to take the gold from the dragon. So I didn't go up in to the castle. Instead I solved it by using the invincibility of the knight to distract the dragon and then use the time traveler to go through the gate and take the gold. So as I was going up I heard the announcer say "who left the gate open" and "hope the dragon doesn't eat the princess". 'Huh?' I thought.. So I go up the castle see it ravaged and then see the *dragon lair gate key* lying there. OH. I was supposed to grab the key and open the gate.. So now the princess got eaten, while the gate is closed and the key still up the castle. The narrator keeps going on how I killed the princess but I didn't! Sure it is a small thing but I solved the puzzle in a way that keeps everyone save but the game "punishes" me anyway. It just bums me out.

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I did the exact same thing and it annoyed the hell out of me

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