The Cave to iOS?

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So they just announced The Cave for iOS. It seems most people like the idea of The Cave more than they actually enjoy the mechanics--especially on successive play-throughs.

I tried to give it a play through with a buddy, we had to stop because someone was always waiting for the other to catch the third character up.

So what will iOS bring? Multiplayer on different screens? A follow button?

Will The Cave for iOS, like Diablo 3 for Consoles, be the version we wish had shipped in the first place? Have initial releases become glorified betas?

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"The Cave on iOS doesn't have virtual analog sticks or buttons, but allows the player to tap and drag characters around the map, and choose characters with a poke on their respective icons along the bottom of the screen, the hands-on report notes."

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Sure, that is what they are doing. I am more interested in speculating about weather it will improve the gameplay and how some recent ports seem to achieve the promise the originals failed to muster.

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I enjoyed my 2 playthroughs of the game because the character levels were awesome, but they should have made it 9 characters instead of 7. No fucking way am I trudging through the game with 2 characters I've already played.

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I just did a second run today and it was still pretty fun. Once you know how to run levels you can actually beat the game insanely quickly.

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@naru_joe93and @demoskinos: did you play alone?

I am beginning to think that playing with just one other person is the worst way to play. You either need to go it alone, or with two friends....

#7 Posted by RonGalaxy (3682 posts) -

@sumjugei: i played by myself. Like I said, first 2 playthroughs were great. I just didnt want to go for a third because it would have become crazy repetitive. I might go back to it one of these days

#8 Posted by Demoskinos (16422 posts) -

@sumjugei: I went alone. Which was fun but as already said two runs through is about the tipping point for fun on this thing. Anyone who gets all the trophies are nuts.

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