Would you pick up DLC or a sequel?

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I'm not denying that there were some issues with The Cave, and it was far from perfect. Yet there was something about it that kept me playing, aside from the fact that I had to review it for a publication.

Now I have walked away from the game, I've had a sudden urge to go back and play through it a fourth time. It made me think - would I buy DLC if they released it? Perhaps some new characters and some new areas to explore? I definitely think I'd go back if the price was right.


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I bought it over the weekend through GMG and I've played through it twice and will complete the third soon. I literally went from first playthrough into second yet I don't really have any complaints about that like a couple of the guys did as the non-character specific sections don't really imped your progress. If anything, by the second time you can just breeze through it. Now I can see where this would be a problem by the 3rd playthrough as you're forced to play as two characters you've already played as so I think if they did DLC, it'd need to be extra characters so you could have a fresh team or maybe an additional level to replace one or all of the ones you've already been through. At one point in the game, you come across a pirate, a robot and a clown. I'd actually be interested in playing as those and see what their stories and levels would be.

I've enjoyed what I've played and learning about what these people have done but for a sequel, I think there would just need to be more levels to make each play through feel unique. I'd also want to see the abilities of each character used more effectively. Take the Hillbilly for example, for me he had the best level. It just had a great sense of atmosphere with enjoyable and humourous puzzles and a great resolution but the Hillbilly's power outside the rest of the world is practically useless. I think the way the story is told would also need some tweaking as well. It really doesn't take too much time at all to figure out what each character is all about and where they're going do long before the end of the game rolls around but who knows if there will ever be a sequel as DF have yet to make one to date but I think this is one that I think they could really learn a lot from and make a better sequel. Ron Gilbert always said that the game wasn't really about the platforming and it was an adventure game and while, yea I'd probably agree as I can see what he means, you do an awful lot of running around, jumping and backtracking and those are some of the weaker aspects of the game that I'd really want to see improved.

EDIT: Oh well, forget all of that. Ron Gilbert has left DF so any chances of DLC or a sequel are unlikely now. It's probably just a skeleton crew left on the game now anyway fixing up some bugs.

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