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Gilbert's "Chinese Democracy" 0

In 1987, the debut works of two great artists were released: Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction and Ron Gilbert's Maniac Mansion. Each was a landmark contribution it its respective field, a herald of great changes yet to come. While their contemporaries were concerning themselves with trivialities like stomping adorable Japanese mushrooms and pouring some sugar on things, Ron Gilbert and Guns N' Roses were visionaries alike, breaking new ground whilst addressing raw and edgy concepts like h...

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The Cave 0

The Cave is a game that desperately tries to be something different, something else than what it is. The Cave wants to bend genres and create new ways of play. But the Cave fails. It’s exactly what it tries not to be, a traditional adventure game. This ends up hurting the game severely. Instead of being proved of its heritage, instead of playing to its gene pool and creates experience, it ignores it all. It fails at all the things that it’s not, and end up mediocre in all aspects.Odd design dec...

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Cool concept, flawed implementation, still fun 0

The Cave is a modern puzzle platformer, but unlike the recent wave of puzzle platformer it's not based around some single gameplay mechanic or physics puzzles, but instead follows mostly the traditional point&click adventure model of picking up items, combining and using them. The platforming itself is just a way to navigate the cave, but doesn't provide any challenge by itself. When a character dies he will instantly respawn right next to where he died.The game starts out with seven charact...

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Do You Like Talking Caves? Then I Got The Game For You! 0

I have only played the demo ( bit low on the old funds). This is a classic 2-D puzzle platformer with a twist . The cave talks ... yea you heard that right THE CAVE FREAKING TALKS!!!With Bastion style narration ...

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Hidden Depths. 0

Many critics have warranted this game a play, but are really hesistant to recommend another (or even a third for that matter). Having been the first game I played in 2013, I have to say that I respectfully disagree with this sentiment. I can certainly see where the game would have benefitted from a run button and maybe even a skip feature, but I delve so deep into the game that any section I had seen before was not exactly an issue. Telling a tale of 7 deadly sins really brought an interesting p...

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Adventurous (but Repetitive) Spelunking 0

Plato’s Allegory, The Cave tells us that people have lived their entire lives in caves that they do not understand, and that it is the philosopher’s job to try to describe it to us. Ron Gilbert’s game, The Cave is a lot simpler, mainly that the titular cave holds something that everyone who enters desires. That object of desire is different for each adventurer, and what they do once they are in the cave affects what fate befalls them. This newest entry from Double Fine, a company best known for ...

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The Cave is an amusing title that on the first time through is entertaining enough to warrant attention 0

As soon as you start up The Cave and hear a deep voice speaking at you, only then to find out that it is the cave itself that is narrating, that is when you begin to realise you are in for a strange and amusing adventure within this bizarre entity. This game signals Ron Gilbert’s return to his adventure game roots after dabbling in the action-RPG genre with theDeathSpank series. While The Cave does not seem directly like those old point-and-click games, it is still an adventure game that is fil...

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Fantastic Ideas Poorly Executed 0

So, being the diehard Gilbert fan that I am, I downloaded and played my long pre-ordered copy of The Cave last night. Managed to complete a first play through in just under 3 hours (includes some time AFK), finished a second slightly quicker, and am now onto my third play. Overall, it's a tough game to recommend. It's a great idea, but it just isn't that well executed and has a substantial number of flaws that combine to really drag the game down. I'll go through the highlights and lowlights in ...

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Fun But Frustrating 0

As a long-distance admirer of the Monkey Island series (I haven't yet compelled myself to play through them entirely), I was excited to see what Ron Gilbert and the people Double Fine had in store with The Cave. The end result was a fine experience hampered by occasional tedium and somewhat confusing storytelling. But let's start with the good.It is clear that Gilbert's sense of humor is about as sharp as ever, and the fine artwork/animation put in by the skilled DF staff accentuated it beautifu...

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