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The Church of the Children of Atom believes that each atom has the potential to become an entire universe, and that if the atom is split an entire universe is born. Therefore, instead of seeing the Great War (the nuclear war that destroyed the world in the Fallout Universe) as destructive, the Church of the Children of Atom believes it was a holy event that created many many universes. This could suggest the Children of Atom would desire the atomic bomb to blow up and send them to their destiny, rather than have it disarmed. Members of the Church are called Children of Atom.

Notable Members

- Confessor Cromwell is the leader of The Church of the Children of Atom and is usually found preaching by the
Confessor Cromwell.
Nuclear Bomb in the middle of Megaton. He will accept donations to the church that will raise your karma.
- Mother Maya is the wife of Confessor Cromwell.
-Mother Curie III is a former Child of Atom who splits off from the church and starts the Holy Light Monastery.


The Church of the Children of the Atom has existed since Megaton's construction. This is revealed by Manya when she mentions that the founders of the church helped build the town. The citizens of Megaton do not mind the cult residing there as their technologies and workforce were needed to build the city, in exchange for it being "built around the bomb".


It is possible that The Church of the Children of Atom is a reference to the 1970 film Beneath the Planet of the Apes which featured a cult of mutants that worshiped an atomic bomb left over from the Nuclear War that killed most of humanity.

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