Leaked Conduit Review?

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Short Story, Nintendo Power gave it an 8/10.


Does anyone think this is real?

Anyways, here is the review from the picture.

To my mind, one of the great mysteries of the past two and a half years is why there haven't been more first person shooters on the Wii console.  No other traditional genre benefits more from the platform's controller, yet you can count the number of quality releases on one hand.  Sega and the developer High Voltage attempt to fill the void with  The Conduit, and though the results aren't earth shattering, they offer convincing proof of the advantages afforded the category by Nintendo's little white console.

In fact, the game wouldn't be nearly compelling with a standard controller.  Don't get me wrong; this is a quality adventure, as you'll read.  But taken on its own, The Conduit doesn't measure up to the Halos and Half-Lifes of the World.  The story is rote and predictable, the enemy AI fails to impress, and aside from the controls, there's little innovation to speak of.  Yet somehow, none of that seems to matter much when the interface between you and the hero is so seamless.  The Conduit allows you to tailor its controls precisely to your liking with an unprecedented level of customization.  You can tweak everything from running speed to the size of the rectile's dead zone to the motion sensitivity of the Nunchuck controller for throwing grenades.  You have full reign over the HUS, as well, right down to the size, placement, and transparency of each individual element.  AS a result, there's nothing to get between you and the timeless joy of blasting alien scum.

The site of this extraterrestrial extermination is Washington D.C., and the nation's captial allows for a number of unique and intrguing battlefields, including the Library of Congress, the Pentagon, and the White House.  Though the level of detail can be inconsistent at times, these locales look great for the most part, with some of the sharpest texture work ever seen on Wii.  More importantly, each space has been thoughtfully built to facilitate a firefight, and offers plentiful opprtunities for cover.  It's a good thing, too, because this isn't the type of shooter where can just run 'n' gun.  If you're to survive, particularly on the higher difficulty levels, you'll need to use your surroundings to your advantage.  I only wish the environments featured some form of destructible elements; the complete lack thereof makes them feel a bit primitive by today's standards.

What does not disappoint is the weapon selection, which consists of conventional firearms, alien weaponry, and experimental armaments from the clandestine Trust organization.  Most are pretty satisfying, and though it may be a relatively minor touch, I love the detailed reload animations for each one.  Your major piece of equipment is the All Seeing Eye, a device that allows you to detect otherwise-invisible items and enemies.  It's a cool idea that's sorely underutilized.  Hopefully the developers can find a way to make better use of it in the sequel, which is strongly hinted at the game's abrupt Halo-esque ending.

Fortunately, The Conduit can be compared to Bungie's classic franchise in a more positive way - namely its platform defining online play.  Up to 12 people can compete in a variety of free-for-all and team based modes.  My personal favorites are Capture the ASE (essentially "capture the flag") and the clever Bounty Hunter mode, The latter assigns each person a target, which appears as a yellow dot on your radar, and you earn points only for eliminating the target; if you kill anyone else, points will be subtracted from your score.  Of course, someone is hunting you at the same time, but you;re given no indication of who that is.  So while you're trying to sneak up on your prey, you've also got, you've also got to keep an eye on anyone who might be tracking you.  My only issue during online play was that would get booted from the lobby occasionally between matches.  Other than that, the experience was impressively smooth.

Would The Conduit make as big big an impact on a competing console?  Probably not.  But it's a worthwhile endeavor nonetheless, especially if you're willing to go online.  Hopefully the game enjoys enough success to get that sequel green-lit.  Now that the groundwork is in place, I'd love to see if High Voltage can take the next step and forge something truly special.  In the meantime, they can at least lay claim to the best pure first-person shooter on Wii.

For Score Comparisons on FPSes for the Wii.

Call of Duty World at War
-Metacritic: 83
-Nintendo Power: 80

Metroid Prime 3
-Metacritic: 90
-Nintendo Power: 100

Call of Duty 3
-Metacritic: 69
-Nintendo Power: 65

-Metacritic: 66
-Nintendo Power: N/A

Medal of Honor Vanguard
Metacritic: 56
Nintendo Power: 60

Quantum of Solace
-Metacritic: 54
-Nintendo Power: 50

Brothers in Arms: Double Time
-Metacritic: 45
-Nintendo Power: 70
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uh oh, an 8 out of 10 is not gonna be enough to match all the hype for this, what did they do wrong......

Ok, graphics arent great everywhere- not surprised, enemy AI is poor- disapointing, no destructible objects- Red Steel could do it, why cant you?

But there are awesome multiplayer modes so YES, although there should have been 16 player support, ill have to try this out and the sequel could be great even if they say they can't do anymore with the hard ware, they can

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I am not surprised by this, it never really looked all that great to me. The on the fly control options did however do look good, but everything else just looks weak and generic.

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As Linkyshinks said, not surprised at all.

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A shooter with bad controls and aged graphics got an 8/10? How could this happen!!!?

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A Nintendo magazine gave a hyped Nintendo Wii exclusive game an 8/10?  NO WAI !!!  -_-

I'm definitely going to play it, as there is a massive shortage of FPS games for the Wii (which like that review started out by saying, it's a mindfuck to me why the Wii doesn't have more of them).  However, I'm not expecting anything more than a glorified GoldenEye...and we see how well THAT aged.  -_-
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When did 8 become a bad score? And who expected a masterpiece from an unproven independent studio like HVS? An 8 sounds like what everyone expected/hoped for, imo. And yeah the review is legit. Maybe The Grinder next year will be a 9 with all their experience from this project.

It's still impressive what an independent studio like HVS managed to do with this. I'm especially glad about the whole in-game friend invite thing, and how the game can use your Wii system's friends list so you don't even have to re-add your existing friends. Why the hell doesn't EVERY Wii game work like that. HVS manages to do that yet those huge publishers and high profile developers can't? Give me a break...

I mostly want this for the single player but the bounty hunter mode online should be pretty fun as well, it's kinda unique.

Maybe this and Red Steel 2 will spark a few more FPS projects (other than The Grinder) is they sell decently. And by decently I don't mean multiple millions, especially for the former it's an unrealistic expectation and I'm sure neither HVS nor SEGA share it...

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Yeah, that is real. That is the NP format, alright.

I think this game still will be fun, and it looks to be original in the Wii lineup. If only Ark was here and this thread would be full of caps-lock anticipation for this game.

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Al3xand3r said:
When did 8 become a bad score? And who expected a masterpiece from an unproven independent studio like HVS? An ... [more]
People are so ridiculous.  To even put that much stock at all into 1 review is illogical enough, but then to say its disappointing at an 8 is just dumb.  What's the difference between an 8 and a 9 for most of these reviewers?  Its pointless.  If the game has a solid and fun single player and a good multiplayer suite then it sounds like a good game to me.
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You know what I never really found this game enticing, if I want to get my FPS on I'm sticking with my PC not my Wii nor my Xbox 360. It's still the best way to play an FPS, and sure consoles are catching up but I just prefer a mouse and keyboard when it comes to playing certain games like FPS and RTS games...oh wait now I sound like an elitist.

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omg 8/10 sux y did u do dis 2 me

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Nintendo Power is the equivalent of State-Controlled Media. Take everything they say with more than a grain of salt.

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If Nintendo Power gave an extremely hyped Wii-exclusive a 8/10, then it must really suck.

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Wow, a shooter on the Wii got a 8/10......Its the apocalypse.

#16 Posted by joey (1023 posts) -

8/10 = 4/5

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updated with the review in text and some score comparisons of other FPSes.

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Apparently this is a fake review... According to other sources anyway. It does look convincing, and I first thought, shit if Nin Power gives it 8 Giant Bomb will give it a 6.5 - 7, and Gamespot, well depeing on CNET will give it around the same, and IGN, probably a 10 and a 5 page review...(or maybe a 7 :) )

But yeah apparently its bullshit. And if you read it, it does sound legitimate, however why would a Nintendo Power reviewer compare it to Halo and mention Bungie Studios, or say things like "Would The Conduit make as big big an impact on a competing console?  Probably not"...

Nintendo Power would not write something that portrays competing consoles as better....Would they?

I dunno, I reserve my opinion until Gertsmann gets his hands on it.:)

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Ok, if I you only had a Wii I'm sure you'd be super excited to pick this title up and play it, but if you had a Wii and/or a 360/PS3/PC why the hell would you play this over anything on those platforms. You've got Call of Duty, Killzone 2, Resistance and many others, why would you ever want to play this.

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Same reason people with a PC still pick up PS360 shooters. Something nice for the platform, despite the shortcomings in visuals and controls (at least here it's mostly in the visuals). Why revive this thread, yes it was a fake and there's a newer thread that shows the expected, scores.

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I'm still getting this game.

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@ArbitraryWater said:
" Nintendo Power is the equivalent of State-Controlled Media. Take everything they say with more than a grain of salt. "

8/10 though, yuck. What a horrible score. 
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@jugglez said:
" Nin Power gives it 8 Giant Bomb will give it a 6.5 - 7 "
Giant Bomb doesn't rate with an out of ten system.
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@PureRok: Oh yeah, they don't. You know what I mean though. 3 or 3.5 stars then.

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