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Video Review 0

   The Wii hasn't had too many third party games to be excited about, not surprising for a post-SNES Nintendo console, nor has it had many first person shooters that have taken advantage of the Wii remote.  For these reasons, along with gaining much E3 hype over the years, The Conduit has become one of the most anticipated Wii titles in a while.  Like Red Steel before it, the developers have played their marketing campaign smart by unveiling little and letting the audience's imagination fuel th...

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Just because it's on the Wii doesn't mean you have to play it 0

  Title: The Conduit Release: June 23, 2009 Genre: First-Person Shooter Developer: High Voltage Software Publisher: Sega Platform: Wii Rating: T (Teen) Product Link: Website: Source Link: No more ambiguous release dates. No more stage control demos. No more lies. The game billed as the definitive Wii FPS has ...

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Inventive controls meet bland design 0

Ever since the Wii Remote was first unveiled, I've been saying that it should be a great boon for first person shooters. It just felt like the logical next step past dual analog control, and I had high hopes that The Conduit would be the game to finally take advantage of such technology. And while the control scheme in The Conduit doesn't disappoint, the rest of the game isn't quite as fleshed out as you might want. The result is a mixed bag of ingenuity and staleness, providing a completely up ...

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The Conduit: A Satisfying FPS for the Wii 0

The Wii is filled with shovelware crap that has been spewing out since Day 1 of it's arrival.  In the past 2 years more quality titles have finally come down the pipeline, but their still hasn't been a definitive FPS to show what the Wii can produce.  Call of Duty: World at War was a fine game with solid online multi-player, but it lacked design and core functions and looked weak compared to it's PS3 and Xbox 360 counterparts.  It was a dumbed down port, albiet a solid one.  High Voltage Softwar...

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The Conduit is fun, but FPS' have moved on. 0

The Conduit has been put in quite a tough position.  It's not only been pinned as "the savior for core gamers on Wii", but it's also been looked at by numerous publishers to see whether or not there's a core market worth investing in.  That's a pretty high bar raised for High Voltage, but ultimately, they do succeed... in most ways.  The Wii doesn't have many FPS titles, and the ones it does have are largely not worth anyone's time.  But this one does warrant giving a shot.The setup is simple.  ...

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I hope this isn't the definition of "High Quality Wii games." 0

The complete customizable controls and almost decent online multiplayer might add some replay value, but the short campaign and less than expected technical achievements make this game fall shorter than it deserved too.Haven't heard of it yet? It's The Conduit. Remember it now? Maybe not. Even though it's one of the most hyped games of the summer of 2009 for the Wii, it still falls shorter than anybody could've hope for. It is an achievement for the Wii, yes, but it's not the first alien sci-fi ...

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A bland, generic, and derivative shooter with no redeamable value 0

It seems that developer High Voltage Software wasn't able to ascertain the secret to making a successful shooter. Their first attempt at tackling the genre, The Conduit, is a good technical showcase, but it falls flat in just about every conceivable way. From a dull, uninteresting story full of cliches, to derivative, less than stellar gameplay, The Conduit just doesn't deliver. The story is your typical sci-fi, government conspiracy that doesn't go anywhere or do anything other than to serve as...

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Maybe this will be a CONDUIT for more Wii shooters. Doh ho ho. 0

The Conduit is a bit of a hard game to pin.  Sure, its an FPS, so you have a large library of games to compare it to, but there's also something fundamentally different about The Conduit.  The most obvious difference is it's exclusivity to the Wii, meaning that this is the first definitive FPS done with motion controls.  Being that its controls are the most talked about aspect of the game (maybe tied with its graphics), I'm going to discuss that first.  I loved the controls in The Conduit.  For ...

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A harcore game for the wii? Surely you must be joking. 0

Nintendo is having problems with it's hardcore audience right now. But just when it seems they are closing the door on us The conduit opens the door guns blazing. Today I picked up The Conduit and I can happily say that it doesn't suck. First the bad. Like some other reviews have said so far the campain is ok... I'm not too far into it but it seems passable. It's pretty much just run and gun most of the time, with occasional destroy this or download that. Also the frame rate tends to dive  somet...

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great shooter, with great controls, graphics and online 0

The game is simply great, the controls are a straight 10, graphics are more than enough as well, one of the best for Wii!Online is really great. I also like enemy design, the variety of weapons. Generally the feeling of playing the game is great. It feels great to use the + button to use the ball thing to identify hidden things. The game has atmosphere....

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Good Game 0

This is a good game. I don't about the other games when I play games. This is a good one. If you play FPS's all the time this might not be for you but it is good for people who just play one once in a while. The story is bland but all FPS's with mp are. The mp is good and has a lot of modes. It is not a perfect but it is a good one. ...

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Poor plot? Get a life 0

If you have looked at the story deep enough, found all the radios, found all the writings. You will have a very deep game.Just in case you were to dense to find everything, here's the main conspiricy (dunno if there are spoilers)The game is based around the real-life conspiricy of the Annunnaki and the Ducaz. Supiror aliens who will return to earth in 2012 to re-slave earth. This theory is backed up by Planet X, a real life planet that was thrown from its star's orbit. And if you noticed, the ga...

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Great Idea Poor exucution 0

There is nothing wrong with the conduit its a great wii game but the fact of the matter is it dose nothing special to separate this from any other shooter it is cool to see it done on wii but the game feels boring and kinda dumb. Pick up a cheap copy of metroid prime 3 and you will have a better time....

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Amazing controls, beautiful graphics 0

Besides offering a great set of features and online modes along with polished presentation, The Conduit really stands out with its control scheme.  Pointing and shooting becomes second nature and it's done better here than in any other game I've played.  With beautiful graphics and a fun single-player campaign, this game sets the stage for the Wii as a true powerhouse in the FPS genre.  Highly recommended....

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Falls short in every way 0

The Conduit is a first person shooter for the Wii with quite a few flaws.   Seen as a game that could fill the void of mature action titles on the Wii, it sadly comes up short.   A generic feel in both graphical style and story jumps out from the start.   The controls come with plenty of options for you to try to find the right feel for you, but even that isn’t enough to make up for its shortcomings.   No matter what the setting, the controls never feel smooth or solid, and the shooting is not s...

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The Conduit Review 0

 The Conduit for the Wii is a First-Person shooter where you'll be taking the reins of an investigation into the mysterious. You'll get to see Washington DC as you've never seen it before, war torn, and pretty blown up. You'll be recruited by a shady figure working for the president, but it won't be long before you will find that he only needed to use you and then planned to end your life. It is then that the at first villain becomes your ally to help you stop what is happening, and unravel the ...

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A good start for the Wii 0

The Conduit is a good step in the right direction for the Nintendo Wii mainly for it's technical achievement and robust multiplayer modes. It definately cannot compete with the famed fps games on the other consoles but the Conduit is something special in itself. Besides it being the only competitive fps for the Wii The Conduit has quite an advanced graphics engine built from the ground up that utilizes the Wii's functions. This I believe The Conduit has brought the Wii's potential into the spotl...

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Great Game, Awful Design 0

The Conduit is a first person shooter that caught me with promises of having the most customizable and fuctional control scheme on the Wii, and the new technical engine made to take full advantage of the Wii's hardware. The game did deliver those things for me, and the gameplay was great fun. But the actual desgin of the game is bland, unispired, and dull. The story of the game revolves around Mr. Ford, a Secret Service agent who is recruited into the ranks of a clandestine organization known as...

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A great Wii FPS, a good FPS in general! 0

Coming from someone who's played all the "quality" FPSs like CoD 4 and Halo 3, I really like this game. Sure, it's generic, but so were the last two said games. So, really, the game is just fun to play.The game’s story just starts off with your character saying that he’s the only one who knows the truth because he was there. The game will take you on a road with some interesting twists. You can tell the focus in the game wasn’t really it’s story though(which I actually thank for that), consideri...

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There's nothing wrong with The Conduit 0

A fun game, with an interesting story and it definitely has cool controls.  I liked the creative weapons, and great looking enemies.  And I've been playing online since I bought the game.  I own all systems, and yet I still go back to playing The Conduit.  It reminds me of a game that Rare should have made as a followup to Goldeneye or Perfect Dark for the Wii.  I can't see anyone having a Wii and not owning The Conduit....

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