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The Conqueror is an otherwise nameless individual that hails from a distant land, which he has managed to bring under his control in a bloody campaign worthy of his title. He has little interest in his own territory and its inhabitants, and is instead fixated with the many Remnants throughout the world of the game, which he is able to subdue and control. He is supported by various powerful officials, mercenaries and the enigmatic mage Wagram.

He rarely speaks and usually only to Rush Sykes, with whom he shares a mysterious link.

The Conqueror's look and anti-hero persona was originally designed to appeal to Western gamers, and he was to have his own storyline running parallel to Rush's. Similar to Rush's mission, his scenario would've involved locating powerful Remnants and binding them.


The Conqueror is a formidable opponent in combat, possessed of inhuman might and several extremely powerful buffs. During the story he is seen tearing a massive wooden gate from its hinges and tossing it aside, as well as catching an arcing blade with just two fingers. He is able to bind and control every Remnant he comes across, though some require more concentration than others.

At a certain point while fighting him, the Conqueror uses a power called "Savage" and becomes enraged. He is considerably more deadly in this mode and the boss music switches to reflect the change.

The True/Absolute Conqueror

As the final boss of the game, the Conqueror is a challenging fight already. However, if the player completes all side-quests in the game the Conqueror becomes "The Absolute Conqueror", a far more powerful variant designed to test players who have been busy fighting superbosses and completing optional side-quests. This caveat was intended to counteract the usual issue of a player's team becoming too overpowered through optional content and steamrolling the final boss effortlessly - generally speaking, the final boss is designed to be beatable by players who simply follow the story without deviating. Without exception, the Absolute Conqueror is the most difficult enemy in the game.

In the PC version, there are several "tiers" of Conqueror depending on how much of the game the player has accomplished, with the True version (equivalent to the 360's Absolute Conqueror) unlocking at 100% side-quest completion.

The White Conqueror

An optional boss available in an additional quest pack DLC for 360 and automatically included in the PC version. The White Conqueror is a little stronger than the Conqueror you fight as the final boss (but weaker than the Absolute Conqueror), and can be fought close to the end of the game around the same time as the Enlightened Seven boss rush. He resembles the regular Conqueror but is dressed in white with white hair.

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