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The Crypt of Dalnir

The Crypt of Dalnir is likely the least visited part of Kunark, for it is well hidden and off the beaten path of most adventurers coming to the continent. Its entrance can be found in the northwest regions of Warsliks Wood. A series of confusing tunnels eventually lead to a large room, which, at first, appears to be Dalnir's tomb. But upon closer inspection, it is simply a hole that leads deeper into the crypt. Dalnir was once a wealthy noble and powerful necromancer in the great Iksar Empire centuries ago. Unlike some necromancers, Dalnir accepted his mortality and set forth in creating an epic final resting place. The tomb would display Dalnir's great wealth and a vast library of history and arcane studies to symbolize his great intellect. Once the project was completed, Dalnir saw to it that all those who helped build it were put to death, save for one. Dalnir's most trusted servant was tasked with burying Dalnir himself upon death. Dalnir's last act was to set a curse upon the entire crypt and his most trusted servant was sealed inside to live out his last days. The location of the crypt was lost for centuries, until it was stumbled upon by some runaway Iksar criminals who had escaped Cabilis. During the Age of Turmoil, the crypt has been invaded by a faction of sarnaks led by a powerful wizard known simply as Kly. Kly has successfully lifted the curse laid upon the halls, but has instilled his own evil upon its residents and visitors. Kly is powerful in the ways of coercion, as he is able to convince most anyone who has entired Dalnir's crypt to stay within its walls forever.

Neighboring Zones


  • Thrall of Kly


Notable NPCs

  • Coerced Penkeeper
  • Coerced Revenant
  • Haggle Baron Dalnir
  • The Kly
  • Kly Acolyte
  • Kly Cohort
  • Kly Evoker
  • Kly Follower
  • Kly Imprecator
  • Kly Invoker
  • The Kly Overseer
  • Lumpy Goo
  • Undead Blacksmith

Notable Items

  • Adamantite Bo Stick
  • Ancient Coin
  • Brass Goblin Flamberge
  • Crescent Arm Wraps
  • Crescent Fighting Gloves
  • Crescent Gi
  • Crescent Headband
  • Crescent Pants
  • Crescent Slippers
  • Defiled Drape of the Brood
  • Elliptical Veil
  • Forge Hammer of Dalnir
  • Grave Sandals
  • Greenwood Bo Stick
  • Robe of Dalnir
  • Robe of the Foci
  • Sarnak Ceremonial Dagger
  • Sarnak Enforcer
  • Sarnak Headguard
  • Shattered Crusader Khukri
  • Tattered Leg Wrappings
  • Tattered Tomb Shroud
  • Tower Guard's Blade
  • Worm-eaten Gloves

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