Errr...where can I buy this? STEAM? Gamestop Impulse?

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AT A STORE?!? WITH PEOPLE!??! They'll make me pre-order something i'll never come back for.

#2 Posted by Fearbeard (863 posts) -

The only English version I've seen is here, but it's listed as pre-order for 6/22 and it's a UK site so I don't know how it handles orders out of region.

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#4 Posted by HarlechQuinn (455 posts) -

I ordered the German Collector's Edition via and it got shipped today and should arrive tomorrow...

As the game uses Steam as DRM it should be available via Steam as well, but currently I can't find it there although the release date is the 22nd of June.

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In the preview of the game on RPGFan, they specifically said that Steam was where you could purchase it. But it is not there, or on the coming soon list. That's crappy, especially since it seems to be available many other places that people might not be aware of or care enough to search for. I'm grateful for the new release list on GB's main page or I would not have known about this game. I haven't been keeping up with my adventure gaming news this year.

#7 Posted by mrangryface (832 posts) -

I've seen stuff just kinda appear on STEAM in the past so I guess so. I liked the RPGs based on this universe so im willing to give this one a go even if its a different genre

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I'm going to wait until 1pm EST to see if this game magically pops up on Steam like a lot of lesser known games do.  If not, I'll pick it up from Gamersgate.

#9 Posted by mrangryface (832 posts) -

Yeah, steam is preferred- i'll wait too

#10 Posted by Klei (1799 posts) -

It IS on steam. It's just not showing in the search box.

#11 Posted by mrangryface (832 posts) -

awesooooommeeee. Im gonna buy this and tell resonance fans I bought it instead of resonance and watch their heads explode. Lets hear it for eastern european pc gamin!

#12 Posted by pekoe212 (477 posts) -

Awesome, it's on Steam's new releases list now.

#13 Posted by mrangryface (832 posts) -

Put an hour in so far, seems good. Its got the usual weird mean edge to the humor of all the dark eye games so thats good. The puzzles up to where i've played were all solved logically- no weird Gabriel Knight style solutions.

#14 Posted by CaresserDundee (7 posts) -

@mrangryface said:

awesooooommeeee. Im gonna buy this and tell resonance fans I bought it instead of resonance and watch their heads explode. Lets hear it for eastern european pc gamin!

Germany is not in what one would call "Eastern Europe".

#15 Posted by Legend (2695 posts) -

So, is this game any good? Never played a Dark Eye game before, but I'm a big point 'n click adventure games fan.

#16 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12663 posts) -

@Legend: Considering the first two (modern) The Dark Eye games are RPGs in the vein of something like Neverwinter Nights (but more germanic), I wouldn't say this is quite the same as far as I can tell.

#17 Posted by Legend (2695 posts) -
@ArbitraryWater Yeah, I knew that. What I wanted to know is whether or not this is a good adventure game for someone who is not familiar with the Dark Eye universe.
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Yes, doesn't require knowledge of lore, it being in the DE universe affects setting but from what I can tell that's it

#19 Posted by Slayne (60 posts) -

I was wondering if it would be on Steam, snazzy. Was debating on snagging this.

#20 Posted by mrangryface (832 posts) -

It's really solid so far- while performance is occationally a little weird when loading a scene, the game animates well, the art is a treat for the eyes, and the voice acting is consistently above average. In terms of mechanics it isnt doing anything new- like say, Gemini Rue, Resonance, etc...- it has more in common with the older Sierra games- observing/finding items/combining them/breaking them down/repairing them. All of the puzzles have been common sense so far, and I think the biggest challenge has usually been finding the item I need to use- this was made easier once I realized what the magnifying glass icon was for. They also do a great job burying hints in conversation between folks in the scene- so MOST of the time if you pay attention to everyone you'll have a general sense of what needs to go on.

One somewhat new convention that's worked its way into the game is the inclusion of a dialogue wheel of sorts during some conversations allowing you to pursue an outcome using a conversational stance of your choosing. Since this is my first playthrough I can't say for sure how much, if at all this affects the outcome. There was an especially fun conversation where I got an NPC to do what I want by playing on his sympathies for my companion- getting my companion all worked up emotionally.

You also can't die from what I can tell- narrative barriers are in place to keep you from venturing into dangerous areas before you've solved what you need to in order to overcome whatever is putting you in danger. Some may see this as a minus but it was clear that this was a game for me- something I can fire up shortly before bed with a hot cup of decaf and progress until I hit a good stopping point. The main characters are charming- and while the writing isn't going to rival sayyy Steven Erikson, its REALLY solid- and its supported well by everything else (visuals, voice acting, etc).

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I hope they do a quick look of this just for the name..

#22 Posted by mrangryface (832 posts) -

Vinny said he was messing with the game on the podcast sooooo maybe

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