Hints/Tips (Potential Spoilers)

#1 Posted by mrangryface (832 posts) -

Stuck at the part where you cut the barrels loose to block the crowd- what am I supposed to do next?

#2 Posted by mrangryface (832 posts) -

Figured it out. When in doubt- use the magnifying glass icon in the right side of the toolbar.

#3 Posted by hmmisee (184 posts) -

I was stuck at the same spot! Thanks for the tip.

#4 Posted by mrangryface (832 posts) -

Note that sometimes an item is only visible once you've observed something else (right click)

#5 Posted by hmmisee (184 posts) -
#6 Posted by mrangryface (832 posts) -

Thanks! I did searches for help with a few puzzles and the hits I got we're all for piracy sites :/

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