God damn that's some amazing cover art.

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Xbox360 Box Art

Even down to the expression of Jackie just looking tired and warn out is just awesome.

I think that just looks incredible, especially in an age where there is so many dudes with assault rifles walking toward a screen with as much action placed on the box as possible. It's like the modern cover artist is a ten year old kid who puts every thing in a picture that he can fit in at once to up the awesomeness level.

There is a lack of subtlety in video game art these days that is just unfortunate.

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I came

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I almost want to buy that game just because of the box art, so... mission accomplished I guess, if only to say "more like this!"

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Really?  This wouldn't stand out to me on a shelf at all.  I think I would prefer it without the monsters flanking him.
Also, I don't know that there's anything subtle about this box art.

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Needs more orange/blue/explosions obviously.

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@EvilTwin: Seeing as those are the Darkness that would seem rather odd.

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Looks really good in my opinion.

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Sweet! I really need to go back and finish the first one. I think it was one of the most impressive games of this gen.

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@TheGreatGuero said:

Sweet! I really need to go back and finish the first one. I think it was one of the most impressive games of this gen.

I agree. The Darkness is a marvellous game.

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@EvilTwin said:

Also, I don't know that there's anything subtle about this box art.

I would say that there is much subtle aspects to this box art. The fact that he has clearly been elevated to a higher power as shown by the Throne he is sitting on and his over all attire making him look like a dark Don or some sort of Angel from hell, but not looking quite evil as he doesn't seem to have a very vindictive look in his expression, the fact that he looks tired, wasted, and just holding on from perhaps the events of the first game, or maybe resisting the darkness this whole time has taken it out of him? The flow of the Darkness itself almost like a sketch with no beginning, no end, and almost looking like a pair of Angel wings in itself, mixed with the style of the text which I feel makes it all come together.

I disagree with your post oh so very much.

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Loving it.
*goes off to find a non bordered version to print out

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I'm not a fan of it.
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@TheGreatGuero: Duder, get on it . Amazing game.
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@Kandycane2029: Yeah, you know... I rented it, and fell in love. Ended up buying it later when it was on sale for $20, but still have never played my own copy of it, so I have yet to finish it. At this point, I'd feel almost obligated to start over from the beginning.
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@TheGreatGuero: You owe it to yourself. I'll be honest. It took me two playthroughs to really appreciate it. 1 on PS3 and 1 on 360. I had about 2 years between the two to think about what I experienced, and I'm glad I went back and did it all again. It's an amazing game.

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