The Darkness 2 Coming This Fall

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" As previously rumored, the game will be developed by Digital Extremes and based on Top Cow Productions' supernatural horror comic book series. "
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I really liked The Darkness. I hope I can watch old movies on a bum's TV again! I watched the entirety of The Man with the Golden Arm.

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I remember enjoying the first game quite a lot even if the supernatural powers you had made it a bit easy, considering the last game came out nearly 4 years ago I'd given up any hope of a second one. I hope they keep some of the sandbox features the first game had, it was hardly as expansive as something like fallout but it was cool to have a city to explore and some side missions you could perform to help power up, hopefully the new developer won't make it more linear.

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I'm not sure what to think. Starbreeze did a terrific job with the first one and it didn't really warrant a sequel.

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Why does it need a sequel?

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All I remember about the first one was that the demo had an episode of Flash Gorden and a Popeye cartoon in it.  
Man, I should have played the first one. Oh well. 

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The Darkness 2?!! I've been waiting for ages to hear about this! I'm really pleased it'll be coming so soon as well! I hope they've considered the story to be priority #1 because I really did quite enjoy it in the first game. I won't speculate too much, I'm just looking forward to seeing what this developer can do, all I know of them is that they've worked on the multiplayer in the second Bioshock game, as well as the PS3 version of the original Bioshock, and possibly developed Dark Sector? I'm pretty sure they'll be making sure bloody violence is proudly in this sequel, at any rate. Hopefully we'll get some more information soon.

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@X19 said:
" Why does it need a sequel? "
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loved the first one so this is good news

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@Vitor That's not cell shading...?
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1. That doesn't looks cel shaded to me?
2. You really dislike any and all cel shading that much? Or just for this game?
#14 Posted by dabe (302 posts) -

Well, put simply, Digital Extremes can fuck off.
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Will this game have Mike Patton?

#16 Posted by GetEveryone (4532 posts) -

The first was pretty great. I got about half way through and just stopped playing, though. I think, possibly, my save file was erased. 
A sequel could (and should) be very good.

#17 Posted by GetEveryone (4532 posts) -
@TooWalrus: I think it might be. If you look very carefully, it appears there's some subtle cel-shading going on.
#18 Posted by Venatio (4675 posts) -

Digital Extremes? What happened to Starbreeze?

#19 Posted by dabe (302 posts) -
I'd be skeptical when Starbreeze aren't developing it and the first one was a perfectly rounded experience with little room for further extrapolation (outside of a prequel or lead new characters)
#20 Posted by Vitor (3079 posts) -
@ProfessorEss said:
" @Vitor: 1. That doesn't looks cel shaded to me? 2. You really dislike any and all cel shading that much? Or just for this game? "
Click on the high res pic - there's clearly a faint black line around the characters/weapons/vehicles. 
It's subtle but it's still a stylistic departure from the original which is what annoys me. Clearly they couldn't evolve the tech in any significant way so are just changing the art direction to make that difference instead. Dark Sector was not a great game and I have little faith in this dev. Here's hoping they prove me wrong. 
I like any art style as long as it's done well - here it looks out of place.
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Was that first game any good? I watched my friend play a copy he rented for like fifteen minutes, and it seemed cool enough. Should I go back and play it?

#22 Posted by X19 (2370 posts) -
@takua108: Yes. 
#23 Posted by Eidderf (517 posts) -
@X19 said:
" Why does it need a sequel? "
It doesn't need a sequel but considering it's based on a comic that's still running it's not like there isn't any material to create another out of.
#24 Posted by ProfessorEss (7705 posts) -
@Vitor: Oh yeah, now i see it.
I really liked the look of the original too - but at the same time I always find it a little tough to call cel shading out of place in a game based on a comic book.
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@takua108: It does some things really, really well, and is lacking in some places. Well worth a shot though - slow burn but the characters are really well done and emotionally engaging in a way that few games have managed since then. Considering the subject matter and tone, it's surprisingly good at tugging at the old heart strings. Gunplay is solid too and the Darkness powers are pretty awesome. Overall uneven pacing and a slightly empty overworld detract from what was a greatly under-rated shooter back in its day though. 
@TheSeductiveMoose:  The Dev's just sent out a pres release mentioning a 'hand painted stye' - it's not quite cel shading, but it's close. You can tell by the faint black outlines around the people and weapons on the high res version of the pic I linked to before. 
#26 Posted by TheSeductiveMoose (3629 posts) -
@Vitor:  Oh yeah, I can see it now. Didn't notice the higher resolution button :P 
Well, that kinda sucks.
#27 Posted by Vitor (3079 posts) -
@TheSeductiveMoose: I totally didn't notice it at first either. 
And yeah, don't like the change in art direction one bit. The Darkness was a fantastic looking game when it came out and this just reeks to me of a middle of the road developer unable to compete on a technical level with others in their genre and opting for the alternative. Not always a bad thing - some of the best looking games I've ever played I classed as such because of their artistic, not technical, merits. But this just seems like a real departure from the original and makes me wonder what Starbreeze would have done in their stead. 
#28 Posted by benjaebe (2870 posts) -

Loved the first game- it was criminally underrated.
Not sure if I like the new art style, but I'll give it a chance until I see it in motion. Hard to really judge off one screenshot.

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@Leakster said:
" Will this game have Mike Patton? "
I know right. No Mike Patton=no go. LOL. I swear the guy has the most versatile vocal range I've ever heard.  
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@Mordukai said:

" @Leakster said:

" Will this game have Mike Patton? "

I know right. No Mike Patton=no go. LOL. I swear the guy has the most versatile vocal range I've ever heard. 
That's a piece of news I'll be watching for too. Patton rules.
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Terrific news. I loved the first one. It was kind of like Bioshock (amazing atmosphere, good story, mediocre shooting but supernatural powers that made the combat enjoyable anyway), except, I think, better in every regard.

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I REALLY liked the first Darkness and as said before, it didn't really need a sequel. Also, Digital extremes? The fuck?
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It's based on a comic book, therefore Cell Shading makes a lot of sense, design wise.
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That's cool that there making a sequel.I'm interested in seeing how it turns out. 

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@SeriouslyNow: But the first one didn't employ it and was all the better for that decision. This is meant to be a dark, gritty and, if the first game was anything to go by, an emotionally impactful experience. Cel shaded comic book style just screams 'extreme gore and badass', not melancholic and intense.  
You can lament the over exposure that 'gritty and real' has got in recent shooters but, the Darkness had a tone and identity all of it's own, even in the midst of all that. It looks like they've lost it here. 
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Yeah, starbreeze, they had the signature names above characters and such, that and Roach; "Should I break out the hard liquer?" they did a good job, and it was an interesting story. Loved that gigantic rail  cannon. 
 I guess a sequel could possibly happen, the guy (jack?) struggling against the fate that seemed pretty sealed at the end of the first.
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I love the first game, it was the first 360 game I ever beat, but I just have this gut feeling that this game will suck.  I just can't seem to shake it.

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