The Darkness 2 Commentary

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#1 Posted by B00MJUICE (3 posts) -

Thinking of buying this game? Watch this to give you an idea! :)

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#2 Posted by morrelloman (635 posts) -

SPAM! Good game to RENT tho. I beat it twice in one day.

#3 Posted by Panelhopper (454 posts) -

Personally I think it's a great game but I completely agree that it's far too short

#4 Posted by IBurningStar (2207 posts) -

I think this is spam. You posted this video to get views for you channel. Please read the forum rules and put more effort into your posts.

#5 Posted by believer258 (13033 posts) -

Or you can play the demo instead of watch someone play the game!

#6 Posted by Gamer_152 (14303 posts) -

@B00MJUICE: The forums are intended to be a place of discussion and not self-promotion. Please don't sign up to the site to start a thread to plug your video. Threads like this one constitute YouTube spam and violate the forum rules.


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