The Darkness II Is only $12.49 on Amazon!

#1 Posted by TinoXtreme (329 posts) -
#2 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

Holy fuck.

I wish I had money, I just spent what I had to spend on stuff buying some shirts.

#3 Posted by Zacagawea (1665 posts) -

If only that wasn't just for PC download

#4 Posted by Dourin (245 posts) -

@Zacagawea: Not sure if it helps you at all, but Darkness II, same as most if not all recent 2K games, is a Steamworks title, so it'll immediately register with Steam. Makes it nice, since you never have to go back to Amazon to redownload, should the need arise. It'll just always be there on your Steam list.

#5 Posted by Kedi2 (268 posts) -

Damn, I was hoping you were talking about the Xbox version :(

#6 Posted by big_jon (6191 posts) -

I wish I had a credit card.

#7 Posted by MB (14570 posts) -

Metro 2033 is $5 on Amazon right now and is a Steamworks game.

#8 Posted by me3639 (2006 posts) -

@MB said:

Metro 2033 is $5 on Amazon right now and is a Steamworks game.

Yea just saw this today. A lot of great tiles for less than $10. Thanks.


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