The Darkness: Origins Vol. 1+2 Give away

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What's up everyone? Im doing a giveaway on GB again and this time its the digital copy of The Darkness: Origins Volume 1 and 2

This comic created by Garth Ennis and Marc Silvestri gives you more insight to the Darkness story..

What do you have to do to win? I have a redeem code.. its pretty long, but all im looking for are the beginning and the end. its a letter and a number. Whoever has both the letter and the number correct first will win the code. One guess per member :)

Your reply for example: A1

A1 is not the right combination ;)

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Shooting from the hip! G7

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@Robitt said:

Shooting from the hip! G7

sorry, good try though :)

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Wow, this is a fucked up way to do it but I'll bite.


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A2 clever girl you

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