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Interlaces all great aspects of a singleplayer FPS 0

This game is all about doing terrible things to people.I wasn’t too sure what to expect going into The Darkness II. To me, the original game was a one-off title that wouldn’t stay in the minds of most people for very long. Despite that, I’ll never forget the high intensity gore and violence the game employed. Digital Extremes was very focused on a specific tone for The Darkness II and the end product succeeds in everything it sets out to accomplish in a glorious violent fashion. Mob boss, Jackie...

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The Darkness 2 Review 0

After he viciously slaughtered his way through the mafia family run by his Uncle Paulie, Jackie Estacado had vowed to never again use The Darkness. The demon had given him great strength, but had manipulated and twisted the young man. When we meet him again as he walks into a family run restaurant at the beginning of the Darkness 2, we see that he has prospered, the family is strong, its members loyal- and then they are attacked by an unknown group who want The Darkness for themselves. The scene...

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Darkness II 0

A quest for vengeance may be the most played-out plot in gaming, but Digital Extreme’s “The Darkness II” uses the tired premise to create one of the strongest narratives in a first-person shooter since “Bioshock.” The storyline delivers the visceral satisfaction of revenge films like “Kill Bill” and “Oldboy,” but turns its unsurprisingly dark tone on a dime for quieter moments that carry surprising emotional weight.Jackie Estacado has suppressed the darkness and taken control of a criminal empir...

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The Best Half of a Game I've Ever Played 15

If the title of the review didn't clue you in already, you probably have a good guess at what my biggest problem with The Darkness 2 is. I'm so fucking sick of it too, this is the third game I've reviewed in a row that suffers from this terrible disease.It's too fucking short. I completed this game on the same night I bought it, which also happened to be it's launch day. Started playing at about 5 PM and finished around 11:30 PM. That is bullshit. Unacceptable even, and this is where I draw the ...

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Short and Sweet 0

Darkness 2 is a fun, short, and very graphic first person shooter about a mafia boss whose bloodline is cursed by a demon called "The Darkness". God of War 3 is tame in comparison. What makes this game unique is a new game mechanic called quad-wielding. Basically you have 4 independently controlled limbs with which to attack at any given moment - 2 Human arms and 2 demon arms. For example, you can grab a guy by the neck, smack a different guy down, shoot one gun, and reload another simultaneousl...

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Satisfying Up to a Point. 0

I'm still amazed that we got a sequel to The Darkness. I felt the game was long forgotten as one of the early Xbox 360 games, in the Pre-Halo 3 era. Yet somehow, we managed to get a sequel, much like we are getting a sequel to Prey this year.The Darkness II takes place two years after the events of the original game, and when we meet up with Jackie, he is still haunted by the death of his girlfriend. It's what consumes him, well that and the darkness of course.If there's one thing The Darkness I...

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A worthy sequel to the cult classic 0

The original Darkness is one of those games I’d label as a cult classic. It didn’t sell amazingly well, but it has a passionate fan base that has seem to have grown over the years. The gory combat and unique darkness powers alone were awesome, but it was the dark hopeless story of mafia hit man, Jackie Estacado, and the struggles he went through after obtaining the demonic powers of the Darkness that made it so interesting. With the original developer Starbreeze having moved on, there was a lot ...

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Violating guys with tentacles has never been so fun! Uhh... 0

I tried playing The Darkness 1 in the lead-up to The Darkness 2 and I have no other way to say it other than it felt it's age. It didn't feel like a great game by modern standards, though I certainly recall enjoying what I played of it back in the day. But going back to finish it up so many years later it just didn't really click. I wanted to stay for the story stuff, which holds up well even now - but the gameplay didn't click and I dropped it.  Fortunately as you load up The Darkness 2 it'll a...

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Passing Judgment on... The Darkness 2 0

I loved the original Darkness title. I loved its atmosphere, its tone, its story and its gameplay. It was a real underappreciated gem in the early days of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Imagine my disappointment upon hearing that Starbreeze weren’t making its sequel… But Digital Extremes were… Y’know? Digital Extremes? Responsible for the entirely forgettable Dark Sector, and a multiplayer component for Bioshock 2 that no one asked for? Yeah? Them.At least they didn’t try to imitate Starbreeze’...

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The Darkness 2 0

I never played the original Darkness. I rented it once, but it just happened to have been in that outrageously busy period towards the end of last year. Between Battlefield 3, Skyrim and Arkham City I just couldn't find the time to play it, which was a shame, because I always liked the look of it and wanted to catch up with the story/gameplay mechanics before I dug into the sequel. Luckily, the Darkness 2 is accessible enough that I rarely felt out of the loop storywise, and easily got into the ...

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Short, sweet, and intense 0

Having not played the original game, I really wasn't sure what to expect from The Darkness II, but after having beaten it I was actually quite impressed and pleasantly surprised with it. The story is relatively straight forward, but engaging enough to keep you motivated through the action to see what happens. The two extra arms you sport feel surprisingly natural to use.Oddly enough though, my favorite part of the game was the intermittent sequences between levels where you either spend time bac...

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Darkness 2. Flatout Great! 0

When i first saw Darkness 1 i thought oh it looks ok. Then i felt like trying the demo for 2 on steam. Loved it and Bought it in literally 15 minutes flat. I didnt regret it either. Its graphics are a mix of the average Xbox game and borderlands. Its bloody and gory and at times creepy but thats just the start! Its large selection of guns lets you use what you want , if you can find one of course. The story is so creative and interesting that you want to see what happens next but you never want ...

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A good game that falls short 0

This game is a crap ton of fun. The shooting feels great and all the cool stuff you can do with the tentacles makes you really feel all powerful. It controls great, the story is pretty interesting and the graphics manage to capture the comic-book fell well. The main problem ? This game is incredibly short. It took me 11 hours to get all the achievements in the game, which include finishing the game twice (once on the hardest difficulty setting), get every collectible, and finish the coop campaig...

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The irresistible Darkness returns 0

The Darkness II continues the story of Jackie Estacado, a man who currently possesses the evil entity that is the Darkness, and takes place years after the events of the first game. Now the Don of his Uncle's crime family, Jackie slowly begins to adjust to life after he suppresses the Darkness when he is ambushed at dinner by armed men, who were under the orders of a mysterious group called the Brotherhood. While Jackie has kept the Darkness suppressed and doesn't want it out, he has no choice b...

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How Jackie got his groove back. 0

The Darkness 2 reviewed by Doc D StrangeFirst and for most this is my first attempt at a legit review for a game. I play a fair amount of games which interest me, I don't play everything cause I would be broke if I did. Now that that's out of the way let's get in to the nitty gritty.Story/GameplayThe darkness game is based on the popular Top Cow comic series about badass hitman turned heart eating monster Jackie Estacado. On his 21st birthday the ancient force of absolute evil know as the Darkne...

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All of the Lights 0

The Darkness II is a sequel to an overlooked game based on a comic published in the mid-90s that few read.And that's a damn shame.For the uninitiated, The Darkness weaves the tale of lowly mafia hitman Jackie Estacado. On the eve of his twenty first birthday, Jackie is instilled with his birthright; partial possession by a demonic deity only known as The Darkness. At first the diabolical powers and paranormal strength is seductive to young Jackie but quicker than you can say "This is going to be...

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