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The Darkness is a demon that makes itself known to a every male member of the Estacado family on their 21st birthday. The most recent incarnation of the Darkness is through Jackie Estacado, a mob member living in New York City. The Darkness grants the user superpowers that are powered by darkness, and also the ability to evade death for as long as The Darkness sees fit. The Darkness lives in Hell, a realm known as the Otherworld, where the last carrier of the Darkness, Anthony Estacado, is forced to relive his experiences in World War I, and where Jackie is sent every time he dies while The Darkness recreates his body. When Jackie rebels against The Darkness in his own realm, the only place where the Darkness is vulnerable, he allows himself to be fully taken in by the demon, and thus gains all of The Darkness' strength. Jackie goes on a bloodthirsty rampage throughout his Uncle Paulie's estate and eventually completely gives in to the demon once Paulie is killed.

The character was voiced by Mike Patton.

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