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The game is a 2D sidescroller beat-em-up in the same vein as Final Fight or Streets of Rage. You take on the role as one of five Supermen determined by the plot and play through the events of the Death and Return of Superman storyline. The game begins when the subterranean mutants living beneath Metropolis strike a power plant, blanketing the city in a blackout. Superman, being the guardian of Metropolis, races to the scene and defeats the mutants handily. This is all merely a prelude to the arrival of Doomsday, a rocky monster of unknown origins who's begun terrorizing Metropolis. The two titans clash and in the end, both fall at the same time to each other's final blow. The world is left without a Superman. That is until four emerge to claim the mantle of the Man of Steel. But which, if any, is the real Superman?


The first and finest. Superman is rocketed to earth by his parents before the planet was destroyed. Upon arriving on Earth, he established himself as the premiere superhero of the planet, earning their love and admiration and the standard to which all other superheroes aspire. He gives his life to defend Metropolis. 
The Man of Steel surveys Metropolis.

Cyborg Superman
, A.K.A Hank Henshaw,
Rings for sale.

The Man of Steel, A.K.A John Henry Irons. John Henry was a constuction worker at the time of Doomsdays attack on Metropolis. After being freed from the colapsed bulding and hearing of Supermans death John Henry develops a suit to aid him in his quest to honour Superman's example by fighting for truth, Justice and the American Way.
Hammer bros beware.

The Last son of Krypton. A.K.A. The Eradicator is a living computer program sent to earth by Jor-El. It’s sole goal was to preserve Kryptons great heritage. After the death of Superman the Eradicator emerged and took the mantle of Superman. This Superman, however, was remorseless and pitiless, maiming and even killing criminals on a whim and seemingly having no memories of Superman. 

I wear my sunglasses at night.

After his death, Superman's body was stolen by the Cadmus project. Their goal was to study his alien body and learn create their own army of Supermen. Superboy was the final result of those experiments. Though he looks like Superman did at a young age he does not have his memories. As such he often acts without thinking and ends up making sistuations worse than they are. It is later revealed that on fifty percent of his DNA make up comes from Superman, and the other 50 from his long time enemy Lex Luthor.
So will I go bald?

The slayer of the Man of Steel travelled from the distant stars. The result of a twisted experiment on evolution by Kryptonian scientists, Doomsday wants nothing more than to end all life and constantly evolves to meet new challenges.
Doomsday punches out the element of fire.

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