If I don't take my 3DS out with me, can I not really play this?

#1 Posted by BBAlpert (1862 posts) -

I'm guessing it's determining what guys show up from wifi networks, but I just have the one in my house, and don't take my 3DS out anywhere I might be in range of any other networks. So do I just have to pass on this one or something?

#2 Posted by flameboy84 (569 posts) -

I've actually be wondering the same thing. I mean from what I understand you also have to move the camera around to find them. I was thinking there are a few coffee shops near by where I could do it but not if I'm diving around with 3DS in hand.... It's certainly an odd one...and do you have to know the password to the WiFi or is it just a case of connecting to it. I guess connecting to neighbours could work....Finally do you have to muck about in the settings each time adding connections then removing them to add an extra one?

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