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The Destroyer is a melee-focused class Torchlight. He specializes in the Strength and Defense, and gains 60 HP and 5 MP per level. His three skill trees are Berserker, Titan, and Spectral (read: Offence, Defence, and Magic) and he starts with a single point in Slash, a Berserker skill.

Starting Stats

  • HP: 300
  • MP: 20
  • Strength: 10
  • Dexterity: 4
  • Magic: 3
  • Defense: 10

Skill Trees

Character levels are the only requirement to unlock any skill. All skills have 10 ranks, but only 1 is needed to activate the skill.


Lvl RequirementSkill 1Skill 2
StartSlash Attack
Wide forward slash
Dual Wielding (passive)
Increases damage of weapons while dual wielding
Lvl 5Stampede
Dashes forward, damaging enemies
Lvl 10Offensive Spell Mastery (passive)
Increases level of offensive spell scrolls
Adventurer (passive)
Increases EXP gain and potion effectiveness
Lvl 15Chain Vortex
Stuns and damages enemies
Lvl 20Spectral Echo
Buffs attacks to increase range and damage
Critical Strikes (passive)
Increases chance and damage of criticals
Lvl 25Devastate
Dashes and attacks at the same time
Treasure Hunter (passive)
Increases gold and items gained


Lvl RequirementSkill 1Skill 2Skill 3
StartSoul Rend
Attacks with a giant spectral blade
Lvl 5Titan Stomp
Damages and knocks back enemies
Martial Weapons Expertise (passive)
Increases damage from melee weapons
Lvl 10Ranged Weapons Expertise (passive)
Increases damage from ranged weapons
Damages an area around the player
Defensive Spell Mastery (passive)
Increases level of defensive spell scrolls
Lvl 15Frost Shield
Absorbs damage and freezes enemies
Lvl 20Barter (passive)
Better buying and selling prices
Block and Parry (passive)
Increases chance to block
Lvl 25Seismic Burst
Damages and knocks back enemies


Lvl RequirementSkill 1Skill 2Skill 3
StartShadow Armor
Summons a spirit to attack nearby enemies
Lvl 5Entropic Aura
Enemies slowed and interrupted
Armor Expertise (passive)
Increases armor
Lvl 10Magic Weapons Expertise (passive)
Increases damage from magic weapons
Shadow Bowman
Summons a spirit to shoot enemies from afar
Charm Spell Mastery (passive)
Increases level of charm spell scrolls
Lvl 15Pet Mastery (passive)
Increases pet damage and armor
Lvl 20Aura of Thorns
Enemies around player receive damage
Lvl 25Spectral Decay
Reduces enemy armor
Advanced Spellcasting (passive)
Reduces level requirements to spells

Torchlight II

The Destroyer reappears in Torchlight II, although he is not a playable character.

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