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Welcome to WWWL@, the number one cable TV network specializing in horror and the paranormal... Image that you're Dave, star of Devil Inside, the happiest reality show on the entire West Coast! You're on live TV on Halloween night, guided by the star host the merciless Jack T. Ripper. Your job is to make audience ratings soar, and the survival of the show depends on you!

The Night Howler

In 1999 a dangerous killer Harry Grimes is executed. Two years later, he escapes from hell, leading a pack of cursed stray souls who will stop at nothing to escape Lucifer's flames. Taking refuge in the HOLLYWOOD hills, the evil horde haunts SHADOW GATE, a sinister house in which every encounter could be fatal. Your mission is to purify the grounds, eliminate these living dead, and send their souls back to hell, in front of the cameras and a screaming audience gone amok, cheering on Jack T. Ripper, who's locked up in WWWL@ studios! But Dave has a gift. He can generate the devil inside him , and transform himself into DEVA, a powerful, first-rate female devil. All he has to do is pass through one of the activated pentacles scattered inside and outside of SHADOW GATE at just the right moment. Easy? Not when you consider ANGELINA, the vicious scientific reporter at SSSW. the top competing channel. She's really determined to prove that the DEVIL INSIDE show is nothing but a huge hoax. Is this to much for one person to handle? When you play DEVIL INSIDE there are two of you, and changing channels is not an option!


The player can transform between Dave and Deva by activating pentagrams located at certain places throughout the game's levels. During gameplay, Dave/Deva is followed by a small flying camera as well as a cameraman, and the player can switch between the two camera views as desired. Occasionally, a news helicopter will also be present and scripted cutscenes will be viewed from an aerial perspective.

The pacing, exploration, and puzzle factor of the game is similar to that of other survival horror titles. As Dave, the player has access to a variety of guns, which are equipped with laser sights to assist the player in aiming. As Deva, the player uses spells to attack enemies. Spells do not require ammunition, but do deplete mana that regenerates slowly. Some enemies generate souls when killed, and Deva can inhale souls to replenish her mana. Deva also has the ability to fly and regenerate health when standing in fire.

The game uses a checkpoint save system represented by television sets found in-game.

Fun Facts

- The game's theme was frequently compared to The Running Man, written by Stephen King , whose name is mentioned early in the game.

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