The Adventures of Slimy The Traveling Lizard - Part 1

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Hey everyone! I wanted to share a Daggerfall article series that I have started. Hopefully this isn't considered advertisement, since I don't make money off of the blog.

I have started a visual diary / journal as I send a character across the length of the game, Daggerfall. It's supposed to be humorous and entertaining, and I figured this would probably be the best place to share it with people. If you're interested in reading it, head over to to check it out.

Thanks folks :), and again, hope I haven't broken the advertisement rule.

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@thegoodguylives: The forum rules clearly state that threads which consist of "advertisements of personal sites for personal gain (monetary or otherwise)" are prohibited. Please, if you don't know whether something violates the rules, don't just do it anyway, read the site documentation or contact the mod team. Thank you.


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