Is there a map mod?

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Is there a mod that changes the map? so there's quest waypoints like in oblivion.

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Try this out - 
I believe this is kind of like what you are looking for.  It isn't exactly using waypoints but at least you can choose where to go with a cross-hair selection.  Don't know any other mods that will replicate Oblivion's fast travel system more accurately though.

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Screw that, walk everywhere like a man!

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@Aronman789 said:
Screw that, walk everywhere like a man!
This (: 
There is a mod (the Taxi mod?) which gives more fast travel options from town to town by adding little guar carts to a lot of places where silt striders are unavailable, but other than that I'd say you wouldn't get anything closer to what you're looking for other than what Shifty suggested.
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Thanks for the info. I'll give that mod a shot. Mostly I would like a better map. I'm playing in 1080p and it is very hard to read the map because it is so small, and the instructions in the journal can be a little vague sometimes. But I also don't want to alter the original game too much. I'd like to experience the game as it was created by the developers. Dated graphics don't bother me so much unless they make the game more difficult to play. I might try switching to 720p too see if that makes the interface easier to deal with.

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