Mods that composed Morrowing 2011

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What mods made up Morrowind 2011? I just bought it and want to update the graphics.  Can anyone suggests some mods that update the look of the game?

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yeah i would like sum help with this too.

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If I could give you one piece of advice (from when I last played Morrowind in 2009) it would be

Below are some screenshots and they basically show off 1) I wasn't using a texture update as good as the ones Dave installed for the recent video (I think mine were more faithful to the original textures and so lots looks rather muddy and boring, or maybe the packs I used were less faithful, it has been a few years) & 2) MGE with Distant Lands is something Dave missed out on, because Morrowind is all one seamless big world the fogging and draw distance isn't a hard limit for the game, so you can tell it to do more (for reference I had a Core2Duo and 8800GT when these screenshots were taken).

So beyond the MGE and Distant Lands (which also gives the water the newer shader with reflections rather than the rather iconic Morrowind water seen in Dave's playthough - since I took these shots I do know there was a big overhaul to that system so now the sea has proper wave undulations and it looks far better than the below show off) the other big ones are Better Bodies (like Dave, but these ones have underwear on, because I roll like that), Better Heads, and Better Clothes which are most notable in shot 2. The amusing leg / trouser joints in Dave's videos, those all get fixed by Better Clothes. And then there are lots of other things beyond textures and those main mods that illuminate windows (with Distant Lands you can see the villages for miles (assuming the weather doesn't hide it) so that becomes more important) and make the NPCs more active and locks their doors at night and millions of other things. Visit the link or maybe go looking for someone who has done a similar best of traversal (and checked the mods don't conflict with each other and break the game) more recently than the start of 2009 (although that website does receive updates to make sure the links still point to active locations for downloads, which is rather nice).

Looking down from Vivec into the mushroom woods (Dave looked at Vivec after that first Silt Strider trip so was walking in those woods)
The mage's underground area in Balmora (but slightly dimmer lighting choice than Dave's trips there)
Balmora (the main town Dave was in) taken from the South West hill and showing how Distant Lands gives a lot more draw distance.
How water looks (new MGE looks better than this), again in Balmora.
North of Balmora (in Caldera) showing the Ghostfence and tower at the very heart of Morrowind's island.

Edit: added notes to pics about where they are in relation to Dave's videos.

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I read through that wordpress blog, it states that it doesn't work with the Steam version of the game, is there any way around this, or an alternative?

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If all the tools that require the executable to be just so (the unofficial patches and I think MGE all need the executable to be just so and load into the memory with predetermined offsets so the Steam DRM wrapper on the exe messes them up) haven't been updated then the way I got round that issue (in 2009 Steam was less of a force for collecting older games so most people weren't getting it though a deal on there and having to deal with the DRM'd executables, so I kinda expected all the stuff to have 'Steam exe edition's by now, unless some of the mods are great but no longer maintained) was by *ahem* less than legal methods of acquiring the original discs (which have on them the original executable, which can be patched up to the version needed by this modding process).

I own the thing on Steam, somewhere I have at least the base game on CD (lost to one of the many house moves that saw some games gets boxed away and probably in lost space with my parents if not totally lost), so I don't think there's anything morally at issue with looking for an ISO download (even if you actually only need a 10MB exe - it might be worth looking for maybe someone uploading to a file sharing service just the executable if you have limited bandwidth for downloading a full ISO set).

Obviously, caveat emptor, downloading unknown executables from the internet, especially a bit which is all about not exactly legal trade in information, can easily turn your machine into a bot or spam central so be careful and scan anything before you even think about running it.

It seems from this bug report that after I was having my issues (which were MGE+Steam exe based, I think the other exe patcher/unofficial mod already had a Steam version by that point) there was an update to the Steam executable to bring it more in line with the original offsets and so it fixed MGE to work (I'm not sure if the blog is pointing to needing a non-Steam edition because of outdated warnings about it not working - when the blog was written it definitely didn't work with the Steam edition - or if the warning is still accurate). Like with a lot of Elder Scrolls modding (with all the minefield of conflicts and so on) it might be a case of run it and see. I would hope that you could get 99% of the stuff working (including MGE, as Distant Worlds is kinda the big daddy of 'mods that make Morrowind feel like it wasn't made a decade ago') with the Steam edition.

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