Oh, the nostalgia

#1 Posted by Banzai_NL (322 posts) -

I have so many great memories of this game. The music, the art, the environment. It all seemed perfect. 
I don't dare to play it now though. Shall I jump and find out? I don't want to ruin my great memories..

#2 Edited by armaan8014 (5874 posts) -
I might be starting this game when I have the time. I loved Oblivion, but I haven't played this yet! So I am pretty excited:D
#3 Posted by Banksy122 (21 posts) -

When I first played it, it was the most amazing thing I had ever done, but every time I try to play it now I can't get into it like I was but it is still an amazing games, so I would say try it again.

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