Any good texture mods?

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I haven't really modded Oblivion much before, but after I got used to modding New Vegas and Fallout 3, I thought I might give it a shot. I use texture packs in both F3 and NV, so I tried looking for a good one for Oblivion on the Nexus, but all I can find are for small individual things, and the rest are just a bunch of nude mods. 
Can anyone help me out here?

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@AlisterCat: Thanks!
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@Aronman789: I think you have to be a member of file planet though which costs money, which is weird because I totally downloaded it this morning without needing to.

Here is a gamershell link:

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I can suggested other mods to make the game look better too. Natural Environments is the main one you should get.

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Theres a new mod coming out soonish called Andoran., its just something you can keep on your radar for a bit.

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@Resident4t: That's one hell of a lot of effort to go through. Admittedly this screenshot  looks kinda nice, the others looked about the same as the game always did though.
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@Chavtheworld: The screenshots really don't do it justice, the game looks completely different afterwards, vanilla oblivion looks so barren and boring in comparison.
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