Custom class names?

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When I first got Oblivion I rolled with the premade classes that were available. Usually the "Scout" class, created about 4 or 5 characters using premade classes. However I recently noticed that I only use custom classes. So I talked to a buddy of mine and found that he does the same thing. We got to talking about what sort of builds our classes were and things like that, and we finally got to the topic of what we named our custom class once we had created it. I was surprised to hear that he named his classes things like "1" or "Blamo", while I named mine things like "Ranger" and "Vanguard". Besides feeling super cool at that moment it got me wondering.
What do you name your custom classes?

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Paladin. I played a lot of Diablo II.

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I named my class Wanderer. Partly after SotC.

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I named my class Epic Win because I'm a bad person. But it was funny seeing the menu say "Are you sure you want to be an Epic Win?"

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I like it lewd.

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You can make custom classes in Oblivion?  Eff it, I'm not starting over.  :\

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I think I named mine ScampSlayer once. It seemed apropos at the time.

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My current save is a hand-to-hand based destruction mage-like guy. For lack of originality, I ended up calling his class Airbender. 
Back in the days of Morrowind I had a "Defender" which was athletics, alchemy and spear focused Argonian.

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I remember i named one of my heroes lore master or something like that, all i remember is a high elf born under the sign of the apprentice who gained like 5 levels doing stupid stuff like alchemy leads to getting wrecked in literally every damn fight.

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Cool topic, bro...
Too bad it´s so empty.
I recently restarted Oblivion ´coz I never played Shivering Isles nor did any of the Dark Brotherhood or Thief Guild quests. My custom class is Morag Tong.
Dark elf, of course.

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@Landon said:
" I named my class Wanderer."  
I feel so unoriginal now.
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Someone gonna be a badass vampire, with the Disable Vampire Race mod :P

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War Magus is the only one I can think of. Things like that. I prefer playing a hybrid mage/fighter with Heavy Armor, Blades, and Destruction. I've actually never used a pre-built class ever in Oblivion. Not even on my very first character. I was always like "man, that's not what I want for skills", so I've always made custom classes.

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I think my first real character (that was actually mine, and not on my friend's system) was an Argonian Thief, but if there's a pre-built thief, that's not what I used, because I def made a custom class.

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War Mage for my...errr...part mate part warrior.

I also had a cunning assassin style class, pure evil murderer from the shadows. Naturally, I names this class the Cockmongler.


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My friend and I had a joke about the black guy (Baurus) in the sewers being a racist, so: 

  1. I set my race as a Redguard (the black race) 
  2. I named my class "Car Thief"
  3. Baurus says "Well, I wasn't far off [...]" regarding the class.
  4. Baurus is a racist.
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I always name mine after a Pokemon 

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The best

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I think the default was "Adventurer"? I'm pretty sure I could never be arsed to change it.

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I called my class Cyanide because…

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I've had a few different ones, ones that come to mind are Stalker and Pursuer. It's a game I often go back to but DAMN that framerate and loading areas thing. I'm playing on 360. Oops just realised this thread is old whetever i'm posting anyway

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