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A worth while expansion that lives up to The Elder Scrolls name.

Shivering Isles is the first official expansion for TES:Oblivion. While Knights of The Nine added another quest line and a few more hours of gameplay, Shivering Isles does double that with a larger main quest for the special land and dozens of side quests.

Nothing graphical has changed here so you can expect to see top of the line graphics that require an average machine to run decently. The main point of the expansion is New content, whether it be creatures, quests, items, details, or settings, Shivering Isles has it.

Many new creatures such as Shambles and Scalons make their debut in SI. These are not only more creatures to fight but they each have their own special abilities like Electryas poison you very quickly and Scalons are stronger while near the water. This is a fun touch that adds to the surreal feeling you get while playing Oblivion.

The new area of Shivering Isles is a seperate land that can be accessed by a door on a tiny island in the Heartlands. The mere size of the Isles is about 2 Imperial Cities. When you aren't on a quest it is just plain fun to explore the new areas and see what cool lore or details you can find in the landscape.

The main SI quest is by far the best experience you will get from the expansion and is along the fun factor or the Main quest in Oblivion. You meet Sheogorath and he asks you to help him stop Juggalag and The Greymarch that destroys his realm at the turn of every era. Along the way you meet lots of new characters and have a new take on the lives of NPCs in the game.

The items in SI are a great add with many being better than the Original drops and just being unique in attributes and look. Since Shivering Isles isn't your average place you can also expect to find many odd weapons such as a dagger that heals the enemy on strike.

At the end of the 20+ hours of Shivering Isles you feel as though you have a new take on Oblivion as a game and it feels good. I really reccomend Shivering Isles to any person who likes Oblivion and the TES series and wants to get more gameplay hours out of them.

Pros+ New everything- quests,items,creatures,areas,gameplay
Fun look on the TES world, reminiscent of Morrowind

Cons- No major Gameplay changes, still need a higher end PC, could have been a few more hours longer


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