Duder guild for ESO?

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Hey duders,

So I'm really excited about this game, I know, the stylish thing is to decry it, but I can't help it. Tamriel is my favorite video game world, and the idea of exploring it in an MMO context is pretty cool.

Anyway, what's the interest level like around here? I'm interested in putting a list of duders planning to play together so that we'll all have a home when the game launches.


List so far:

JesterPC238 (Me)


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Oddly, I became a lot more interested when they revealed the First Person mode. Still want to wait and see, though.

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Same here. I was excited when it was announced, unimpressed with the first footage, but then got pumped when they put out the first person footage. It looks like TES now.

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There's interest with me! I'm not sure if/when I'll be put in the beta, signed up a loooooong time ago... But if I get access and enjoy it, I would absolutely want to be part of the guild

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If someone replies with "definitely interested" I'll add you to a list in the first post so that I know who you are and can shoot you a PM as release gets a little closer.

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I'm definitely interested. Totally hypothetical, if one is in the beta, could one say that one was in the beta?

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i realise im digging up an ancient corpse of a post here, but we do infact have a duder guild now, 20+ members atm, PM me if you wish to join

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