Elder Scrolls Online Misconceptions

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@Itwastuesday said:

@musclerider said:

Misconception : masses of people caring about an MMO in 2012


Misconception: that anyone asked for this game

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@President_Barackbar: I personally think that most of these games are born in financial meetings, not creative ones.

As for Guild Wars 2... I actually feel like that's a WoW clone as well. It does some clever things with classes and such, but it's still pretty much the same mechanics.

(Important to note, it's fine to like any of these games, it's just... something needs to change?)

@Snail: Sure, but... the whole Megaserver thing isn't really that impressive - or well, it is impressive, but EVE Online probably was first to do it... and The Secret World allows you to play across servers. Not to mention that World of Warcraft has those features as well. That said,I do like the idea of the quiz you fill out when you get started, but I hope it's something you can change later... because... things change :P

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