Extra Friend Beta Key - This Weekend

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Welcome back to the ESO beta! Both you AND a friend of your choosing are invited to participate in the upcoming ESO beta test! Join us from Friday, February 28th at 12:00PM EST until Sunday, March 2nd at 11:59PM EST.

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I have an additional key also - LLXKARDFD9YLXY67NTT7

Been enjoying the previous betas a lot more than I thought, if you're on the fence or open minded about it, give it a shot.

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I sent this to the trash without thinking when I got it, thanks for reminding me.


The game isn't very good.

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I got one too, if anyone wants it:



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Have fun giving it a go, I didn't but maybe someone else will like it.

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Game seems alright, for an MMO

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Here ya' go.

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I have one too! KYY9GD76DGJTD6JAYP6Y

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Oh sweet, this doesn't start til Friday? Well, I'm going to bed. Night Guys!

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Here's mine <3


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and my extra key is;


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Here you go:


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Used a key in this thread, got a key after that in the mail.. so, paying it forward.

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My friend already got invited, so might as well give this away.

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Here's another key for anyone interested: WR7459YRRLK59HT9643A

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Lots of keys for a mediocre MMO in this thread!

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Zero interest in playing it again, but here is another key: L59LGFPXW69695YYW9GD

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Yo, game was pretty boring but if you wanna experience it yourself here ya go: FK5LEFHWANCYWRADPLAK

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Enjoy guys! I'm liking what I see so far.


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Might be a bit late, but I just noticed an extra beta key MFFR5CEX9FEM5AWW9DDH

I'm not actually using my own key (game looks boring to me), so I might share that key too if anyone's interested.

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Forgot I had one too, though the download is so ginormous I don't think I'll be playing anytime soon


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Have at it



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Apparently these keys will also work for the next beta this weekend.

Have another: 44GXWTFHDEYW6M46J5JT

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Was pretty dismissive of the game until I played it during the last beta weekend, had a good time. There is a 20% coupon for gmg floatin around if you're interested.

Beta keys for 14th through 17th:



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Please be excited -


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