Giant Bomb in Tamriel (Guild)

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So.. Elder Scrolls Online is coming.

With the ability to be in five player guilds at once, I've been trying to figure out exactly what guilds I want to be in,

1. I want to have one for just my friends for sure,

2. I want one that I can roll into PvP with and have an organised campaign in..

3. If there are any Giant Bomb members, I'd like to keep connected to them too

I don't care if I'm to be the leader or not, I just think it would be a neat idea to get a community set up in the game and I haven't found any other mention of Elder Scrolls Online on the site (note the forum function isn't working when I write this so I was manually looking through recent pages)

I know there are mixed opinions about the game and it is a popular hobby of people at the moment to shit all over this game, if thats what this posting turns into, I'm just gonna shut it down so please, only comment if you have some interest in joining a guild of duders who play ESO.

So, if you are interested in joining, sai Aye in the comments below below and once the guild name is decided we will share that here as well as @playernames so we can find eachother ingame

If anyone has an Idea for a guild name which suits the theme and setting of the game, mention that in your comment as well.

Aight, thanks guys!

#2 Posted by Xeirus (1482 posts) -

I'll be playing it in the beginning, always like getting in on MMOs when they launch. Had fun in the beta.

I vote for "Nasty Midnighters"

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